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  • It's awesome. Whenever I'm browsing a site with pop-ups, or that fades out the text as I scroll, or bizarrely intrusive advertising, toggling JS off fixes it 95% of the time, leaving me with a simple webpage and just the information I need.
  • Recently, the web comic site ArcaMax added Javascript-based ads to the page, which constantly reposition the comic until the page finishes loading. This extension removed the javascript ads, allowing the comic to be read faster without the ad annoyance.
  • Worked like a purpose built knife. Wanted to enable copy paste in a website which blocked it. First add-on mentioned in the internet. 2 seconds later... Voila! Job done..
  • 禁用JS前后,安卓端的菜单中拓展名称(disable JavaScript /enable JavaScript)
  • Simple and useful
  • muito bom, cumpre o que promete.
  • It disables external to de site scripts but those existing in the same site still run. Am I wrong?
  • too difficult and no readily apparent what the javascript state is. not user friendly.
  • Дуже простий, без наворотов що дуже зручно, прекрасно зроблено!!
  • Great but doesn't work on local files
  • Worked immediately, thanks a ton!

    One thing I would really appreciate, however, is being able to disable "by tab" while also setting it up to blacklist an entire site. If this is already possible and I'm not seeing how, I would be happy to bump up to 5.
  • Its rare in this internet era, to be given the tools to interact on your terms, (at least without a decent ability to code). DJS affords people that ability. Bravo, it does what is says on the side of box, plain and simple.
  • Simple, does the trick.
    well done!
  • Finally, a plugin that does exactly what I want on this topic ! Works fine for mobile browsing. You just visit all websites with us off, and if they are broken you can turn it back on. Makes reading the news so much more enjoyable ;)
  • it made me exist
    Thanks for your review QdeVega!
    As I'm always open to feedback and improvement suggestions, if there are any, please let me know (here or on the project's GitHub page https://github.com/dpacassi/disable-javascript ) so that we can make your review a 5 star review :)