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  • Отличное дополнение. Одно но.
    Пожалуйста измените в настройках pinned: true на pinned: false, чтобы открывалась обычная не активная вкладка. Закреплённая вкладка как пишет множество пользователей не удобно. Или добавьте в настройки возможность самому выбирать способ открытия вкладки.
  • Thank you so much Sir Florian Fieber and your entire team of Bloody Vikings for creating this efficient, Amazing addon and sharing it with the world for free.

    The internet has become a friendlier and safer place for everyone, since you arrived. Now everyone can sleep soundly with a full stomach, thanks to the bacon, eggs...

    Keep up the good work.
    We Love You :)
  • Wonderful if you browse the internet. Now, if only we could customize the list...and have an option for the mail not opening in a pinned tab...
  • Great add-on. The mailinator link opens the old mailinator interface. can this be arranged please ? Thanks
  • It's a very helpful extension, having also a quite rich list of
    temporary email sites.
    However, it would be more handy if there was an option to
    specify if the new tab with the mailbox will be a pinned or a
    normal tab.
    In my opinion, in most cases the mailbox will be visited once
    to get a response and then close it. So, it's not necessary to
    open it in a pinned tab.
  • einfach nur gut
  • Bloody Useful!
    Sign up - Sign up are almost everywhere nowadays. They just want to spam you or sell your email address.
    Bloody Vikings! in this regard, is very useful to help you giving fake email to those bloody website and being able to confirm those fake email to confirm your sign-up on a website you are not sure what they might do with your real email.

    Thanks a Lot!
  • Amazing. But there's one thing I really hate and that's that the background tab it opens is a "pinned" tab. Why would anyone want that especially since it's supposed to be quick and temporary? Just open it as a new tab right next to the current one. Come on now. Making it a pinned tab is nonsense.