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  • Great add-on, use it frequently.
    Any plans on turning it into a web extension? I'd hate to lose this add-on when 57 comes around.
    Thank you for your feedback. Starting with version 0.9, Bloody Vikings is now available as a WebExtension.
  • Looks great and seems to have a lot of options compared to others that do similar. Also has more users/downloads.

    Strangely, I couldn't find this addon by searching. Searched Firefox Addons for "Disposable Email" and "Temporary Email" ... luckily though I came across it in the `Get Smart About Privacy` collection. May want to optimize the SEO for firefox addons a bit ;)
  • Thanks for this smart gem. Recommended add-on...
  • Thank you very much.
  • This is great! Thank you!
    How about an additional feature that can remember the email addresses associated with each account? In case I forget my password, or need to check future emails, but I don't know what the disposable email address was. That would make this great add-on AWESOME.
  • Finally something useful!
  • Excellent tool .. using the same tool to generate a temp email id to register at Firefox to write this review ..
  • quite useful
  • It`s really necessary add-on. It can protect my e-mail from useless advertising messages.
  • Te facilita usar correo temporales en un registro, para no llenar tu correo con spam
  • cool tool - cool name - cool user!
  • I ususally donate to show my appreciatoin and this one is definitly going on the list!
  • Excellent tool .. using the same tool to generate a temp email id to register at Firefox to write this review ..
  • I don't look at this as an "add-on". I see it as an APP that is a "Must be". FF should have this integrated into every version from this point forward.
    The developer is a genius, and a dedicated one at that. The fact that the DEV is still supporting this APP after all of these years demonstrates the dedication to excellence.
    I will be sending a "Dough-Nation", (sic) to show my appreciation. If you are using BLOODY VIKINGS!, then perhaps you should donate too.

  • Stopped working for a few FF releases but I'm very glad development is active. took a few times trying different providers but once you figure out what works best for you it becomes instantly convenient
  • koszmail.pl has been dead for quite some time
  • This add-on does exactly what it says it does and it does it very well. Ultimate in privacy protection!!!
  • Love it they are the first line of defense and it is so nice to not have over a thousand spam emails a day
  • This addon is very useful.
  • Because with this addon you get temporary emails!
  • Great addition to my FF extensions, been using it since you released it.

    The author has verified adware cleaner as having a false positive and is contacting the authors. You can check the authors forum support page for further details.

    To address this "forum spam" accusation it should be noted that this add-on is simply a right click menu for services are readily available without it.
  • very nice. thanx you
  • A must-have for all users who wish to post spam in online forums.