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  • Adguard fails far too often to block popups and redirects on NSFW websites.

    I have reported these failures through the built in reporting feature.

    But after many, many, many repeated reports about failures to block popups and redirects, I still get popups and redirects served up by the exoserv.com ad company on a large number of NSFW websites.

    I am also using the Adguard popup blocking userscript, but alas this also has proven to be a dismal failure in blocking popups.

    Adguard needs a few enhancements.

    It would be much more convenient if adguard gave users the option to choose where the Filtering Log opens, by default it opens in a new browser window which is quite awkard and makes things more difficult when trying to determine what is causing an issue with a website as you have to switch between browser windows.

    It would be far better if an option could be provided to allow adguard to open the Filtering Log in a new tab in the current browser window.

    This request has been ignored for well over 6 months now and there is no sign the intend to give us this simple choice.

    I would never ever pay good money for the desktop Mac version of Adguard, This purely because Adguard has been a dismal failure in blocking popups and redirects on NSFW websites despite countless reports about its failings.

    If they want users to upgrade to full systemwide adblocker they need to improve the performance of the Adguard add-on and the popup blocking user script.
  • Really good to block ads on the web AND on Facebook pages. First time it doesn't, but select the ad you want to block and it will no longer be displayed.
    So you can choose what to see and what to block.
    I installed the Firefox extension and the PC software version.

    EDIT : After 1 month, the app indicates evaluation time is off. I can still use the addon but in fact I have more ads in Facebook than I have ever had before using Adguard.
    So I have removed it from my computer and come back to free addons.
  • Ad guard worked perfectly, blocking all adds and pop up when clicking on a link, and boom all of a sudden 100 pages open up with ads
  • So far the best adblocker that I've found. Until recently was exclusive to Firefox but now I can see it is available on more platforms and it is the only one that I've managed to block entirely the ads on outlook mail app and expand the mail content to the end. Other ad blocers just block the ads but the right side stays empty and not usable.
  • Better to try
  • ótimo programa, possui filtros excelentes, amei.
  • The best adblocker I've ever tried! Thanks for your great effort! :)
  • Лучше, пока, не придумали!
  • Me gusta mucho, cumple, ralenta un poco el navegador, pero es 10 en seguridad
  • There is no one way to one-click white list a site like on other adblockers. The filter setup is confusing and demands "importing" instead of just basic URL input. In order to use on a site that requires disabling, you have to completely turn off the entire extension or import a whitelist from a file. That is absolutely ludicrous.