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  • 好用
  • Это не расширение это песня. Спасибо разрабам за работу.
    Всем советую. Стоит на всех домашних компах и нет проблем.
  • a perfect ads blocking extension
  • "Block WebRTC" doesn't work although I enabled it.
  • I've had extensive difficulty using this on Facebook where the site utilizes annoyingly persistent features which resist all sorts of blocking. Facebook creates all sorts of features which they leave no options in their settings to disable or modify. Adguard is able to accomplish this to a moderate degree, however blocking some features on Facebook seems to often have an added side effect of removing other features from the same web page that I want there. Adguard needs to do extensive work on FB alone to iron out this issue. To some degree I've encountered this issue with other websites that I regularly visit, and often have to disable the addon for some pages just to get them to load.
  • Пользуюсь много лет и всем рекомендую !
  • works pretty well plus it has a ton of customization and filter options.