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  • This is an obviously useful add-on. I used to use "Context Search" but it is not being maintained and will be incompatible with FF 57+ so must find a replacement. "Selection Context Search" seems the best option but it needlessly complicates the method for adding search engines. FF already has a method for adding search engines via mycroftproject.com. I have a large set of search plugins that I have already curated and it would be daunting task to do this over again, especially by the method implemented in for this add-on.

    Selection Context Search requires me to know the URL path for the search engine and gives me no hints as to how to find this info. Whereas, Context Search just used the already installed search plugins from MyCroft. And it is not even clear to me how I would add a search engine to Selection Context Search.

    Why implement an entirely different and far less user friendly method of adding search engines when you can just use the search plugins that the user has already installed?

    I hope the developer of this plugin will update this extension to use the existing search plugins. That is how it should work, logically. There is no need or value in implementing any other method of adding search engines. In fact, it detracts from the usability of the extension.
    This add-on is not what you need. Some people have different needs than you.

    I, for example, need a list of custom queries on the same website. Just a few parameters of the query are different. Also I need to quickly add or modify these search queries.
    I your opinion, I should go on Mycroft and create about 20 plugins, all mostly identical. Then download them. Then every few days add a new plugin there or modify one of my plugins? So which solution is friendlier for the people with the same needs as me? This add-on or Mycroft?

    Your review is like someone rating negatively all the trucks because he doesn't need a truck.

    Edit: If really there is no add-on using the Mycroft plugins then I could create a separate add-on to use them.
  • For me, this is perfect ! Thank you ~
  • I can't edit anything in add-on options page. I click but nothing happens.
    The way I access the options is not working in private mode. I guess you went to the Options page in a private window. Is that right? At least the new version will warn the users about this limitation.
  • Great! It works very well...
    1) Adding an option for "current site search" using google, would be much better.

    2) If Possible, why don't you make the menu entry itself acts like a search engine!
    I mean searching (using default SE/Google) by clicking the main entry " Find {selected} using..." itself.
    Thanks :)
    1. Can you give me an example? Is it like the following scenario?
    Let say you are on Twitter, then select "cappuccino", then search "cappuccino" on Twitter using Google. And the result should be this: "https://www.google.com/search?q=site:twitter.com+cappuccino"

    2. I implemented another add-on as a test "Selection Context Search - mini #1". This will add just one search engine in the context menu. Is this what are you looking for?
  • Simple and functional.
  • Very good addon, thanks.

    Can you add those features below?

    [1] Add a context menu "Add to Selection Context Search" when we right-click inside a search form.

    [2] Improve the management of the search engine list. Now, if we have a lot of search engines and need to change the row position of one search engine far below on the list, we need scroll all the way down, select the search engine, then scroll all the way up, then click "move up" to change the row position. With few search engines, that is ok, but with a huge amount, that is not good.

    # Answer 01 - 2017.09.03

    An example? Right here, on AMO. With the "Selection Search" [1] extension for Google Chrome, if I Ctrl+Alt+Click the search form a popup appears [2].

    I like the drag-and-drop method [3] used by the "Selection Search" extension, it really is very easy to manage this way.

    My list right now has 32 search engines, the less used ones are hidden inside folders.

    [1] https://github.com/Pitmairen/selection-search
    [2] https://s6.postimg.org/4gbcl3hqp/image.png
    [3] https://s6.postimg.org/v03xn8ia9/image.png
    Update: [1] and [2] are implemented in the new version which is in the review queue.

    [1] Can you give me an example? A web page which you would like to add it using the context menu.
    Most form requests are dynamically built by scripts and also are sent as a POST request. This means that it is quite complex to automatically extract the search URL.
    A solution will be to add the website from the results page, not from the request (form) page. I can add the page title and URL automatically to the table but they will need to be manually edited. Is this fine for you?

    [2] Can you please suggest how to improve the list management? Maybe implementing drag-and-drop for the table rows?
    You made me curious. What is the maximum number of rows some people will actually need? I thought that my 15 rows list is big :)
  • Pretty decent replacement for Context Search X, however, I'd be nice if you could add the option to show certain search engines directly under the context menu instead of always having to use a submenu.

    Changed rating to reflect dev comment, thanks.
    I would like too to implement this but the new add-on model is more restrictive and doesn't allow more then one context menu.
    The old add-ons with multiple context menus will stop working in a few months, starting with Firefox 57.
    Can you please change the 4/5 rating as the feature you wish for cannot be implemented.
    Please let me know if you would like some features implemented.