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  • Nice tool (FF.66b7)
  • best context menu search add-ons
  • Looks nice, but why doesn't it use the opensearch plugins installed?
  • Nifty tool this is.
  • Best context search add-on I've seen. Thanks a lot!
  • Thank you for this addon!

    Feature request:
    Please support to run javascript code for "Address" field (also with address placeholders in the code).
    small examples:
    Show Title: javascript:void(prompt('Current%20Tab%60s%20Title:',document.title));
    Show Domain: javascript:void(prompt('Current%20Tab%60s%20Domain:',~$D$~));
    View Cookies: javascript:alert('Cookies%20stored%20by%20this%20host%20or%20domain:\n\n'%20+%20document.cookie.replace(/;%20/g,'\n'));

    Feature request/conflict:
    Allow to change via options/settings the, relative to the selection, position of the popup window when selecting text.
    I am asking this because the popup window is now conflicting with the popup icon/bubble of the add-on "Google™ Translator" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-translator-webextension/).

  • The BEST for right click context search with multiple search engines and very configurable and easily add new search engines.
  • Great addon!
    A "copy to clipboard" tile would be great...
  • I love this Selection Context Search (SCS) extension and like that you're regularly adding new/improved features. It's brilliant that you respond speedily to people's review comments and always positively. I use it both in Firefox and Chrome.

    *** Feature Request ***
    I am a fan of the "Autocopy" function (Options: Copy the selected text to clipboard). However, I often mess things up when I come to paste from clipboard into a text field within the browser: as I highlight the target text (i.e. I wish to overwrite this text), the selection action itself copies the TARGET text to clipboard, replacing the clipboard SOURCE text I intended to paste, and so when I press Ctrl-V, the same text is pasted back and I've lost what was in the clipboard. That's not the extension's "fault"... it's me being a dumb user who doesn't think to blank out target text before copying something to clipboard (from either in the browser or any other application).

    === Solution 1 - easy, but incomplete ===
    Perhaps under "Options: Copy the selected text to clipboard", you could also provide a user-selectable modifier key (Ctrl / Alt / Shift) to temporarily suspend "Autocopy" so that when I press that key during a text highlight (via mouse drag or double-click) the extension won't copy the text to clipboard.

    Of course I'm still likely to regularly forget to press the "suspend autocopy" key... and I've tried to figure out if there's a way to solve the problem of unintended overwrite of clipboard contents. My super-duper solution is...

    === Solution 2 - complex, complete ===
    1) Under "Options: Copy the selected text to clipboard" (Autocopy), provide new user-selectable Options "Paste from Saved Clipboard - Popup" & "Paste from Saved Clipboard - Sub-menu". Alternatively, these could be provided via a new Search TYPE "Paste from Saved Clipboard" so it could be positioned on the sub-menu and set to show in popup just like other standard entries. I'd rely on the popup option because that would be my visual cue/reminder whenever I highlight text for pasting over.
    2) If Autocopy is enabled, SCS would always first save existing clipboard contents into the extension's own storage area before copying the current selection to clipboard. Then, whenever a user clicks on "Paste from Saved Clipboard", SCS would use the text it has saved in it's extension "saved clipboard" storage rather than what it has itself just copied to clipboard from the selection.
    - What if "Paste from Saved Clipboard" is chosen but Autocopy isn't set on? Just paste direct from System clipboard. Unless you choose to prevent the user selecting option "Paste from Saved Clipboard" except when Autocopy has also been selected.
    - Can we be 100% sure that the saved clipboard storage in the extension is secure and could not be accessed by any other extension / browser code? If not, then we'd need a warning note in an 'i' (info) flag next to the existing option "Copy the selected text to clipboard" so users would know to de-select this option if working with sensitive data. Or perhaps the saved clipboard can be set to self-destruct after xxx seconds?

    Understandably you may feel the suggestions are beyond the scope of your extension. It's been fun thinking it up anyway!

    Selection Context Search 5.18 / Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit) / Windows 10 Home Version 1709
  • Great add-on and easy to use.

    I was wondering if in future versions, you could add a feature where we could see the iconbar only when we select a text while pressing a key (e.g. Shift).

    Also, I just noticed that after adding some search lines in the Options page, the buttons (Add, Delete...) at the top of the page disappeared. I can delete entries from the keyboard, drag them with the mouse or add others by right-clicking on a textbox but maybe there is something you can correct.

    When I load the Default Settings, the buttons reappear.

    Thanks a lot!
    That is a nice idea. I add it to my to-do list.
    Thank you.
  • Impressive and very complete extension.
    It allows me to synchronize all my global search engines using bookmarks. I also add custom local search engine depending on my need.
    I don't know why this is not an extension with the Mozilla's "Featured Extension" badge (for instance "Swift Selection Search" has the badge, but is really less powerful).
    One issue though:
    When using bookmarks, the separators are taking the same height as a normal bookmark in the context search menu. Couldn't you display it like a object in the local Selection Context Search menu (reduced height)? I will review my rating to 5 stars is this issue is fixed.
  • Feature Request: "Copy to clipboard" button like this addon:
  • great ideas but poor implementation.
    when I enable this addon, and then do any bookmark operation my memory usage goes as high as my max RAM.
    and bookmark operation becomes very slow. so for example if I copy 400 bookmark from one folder to another folder, the memory usage goes very high and bokkmarks get copied almost one by one and very slowly.
    I think this is because I use the feature that uses search engines from bookmarks and the addon searches bookmarks every time a bookmark changes, which is a very bad and time consuming implementation.
    the addon should have an option (or a button) to load from bookmark only once, and not monitor bookmarks.

    fixed in new version.
    thanks for fast reply.
    I already went with another addon though.
    because every time I open the menu with right click the icons of my search engines are loaded through internet one by one as if there is no such thing as caching. either have an option to disable icons or cache them or give custom icon support that are not internet dependent.

    2nd UPDATE:
    thanks for the reply.
    I changed my rating of your addon just because you give fast replies :).
    if I remember correctly in earlier version of firefox I had addons that you could give '.ico' files as icons.
    I think firefox new system has limitation for file storage on profile so you cant easily save icon files and use them but maybe that 'unlimited storage' can be used somehow as a workaround to store icons.
    If it is not obvious I am not a developer so I take your work for it.
    and thanks again.
    UPDATE: There is no way for the add-ons to cache an internet icon as far as I know. Please let me know if you saw that implemented somewhere.
    Possible solutions are:
    1. You can download the icons on your computer and in the Add-on Options page specify the local icon file address for each row. The local address should be specified like "file:///C:/icons/myicon.ico". The standard icon address on the internet is http://www.(DOMAIN).com/favicon.ico . So for google it is http://www.google.com/favicon.ico
    2. I can supply some icons with the extension. But this will not cover all the websites.
    3. I will implement the "Disabled icon" option as you suggested.
    Please let me know if you have other solutions or suggestions.

    Thank you for the bug reporting.
    The issue is fixed now in v5.18.
    There is no need for an extra option.
  • Good - but the popup selection source keeps getting included in some of my html edits!
    That may be due to some other addon interaction but it is very annoying - so I disabled the popup selection option for each items which included it and I just use feature via the context menu which is powerfully configurable anyway.
    I added many custom "searches" - e.g. https://unfurlr.com/?url=~$S$~ , https://toolbar.netcraft.com/site_report?url=~$D$~#last_reboot and https://www.whois.com/whois/~$D$~ ...

    Suggestion: An overall master toggle for popup selection on/off would be nice
    There is already a master option to disable the popup window. Is the first option under the table "Show the popup window when selecting text".

    Can you give me an example of page where the popup window interfere? There is a specific scenario where this could happen and I'm curious if this is the same case.
  • Hello

    I have two problems. No icons are displayed in the poput window.
    And there is an extra unnecessary submenu.



    Windows 7 64-bit, Firefox 58

    Icons are blocked by uBlock.

    Extra unnecessary submenu ➜ Show "Add Search Page" in the menu when right click on a text field
    If you click the "More options" link from the Add-on Options page you will see the option to disable the "Add Search Page" menu item.
    I agree that the menu does not look good when right clicking on a selected text in an input field. I will find a better solution.
  • Just perfect! I switched from Chrome recently, where I used a similar, but much inferior extension. This one is among a few reasons why I'm probably not switching back to Chrome anytime soon.
    Popup window is a real helper. And I wish Firefox itself had such a flexible and easy way of adding search engines as this extension has.
    One minor drawback - it seems that the extension doesn't cache search engine icons, so they are sometimes redrawn one by one rather slowly.
    I could not find a nice solution for this issue.
    A solution, which will work only for the context menu, is do download on your computer the icons. Then, in the Options page, set the "Icon address" for each row to point to the local file. This address should be like "file:///C:/icons/google.ico".