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  • Very good. This addon allows you to customize the context menu search using place holders. Thus even when the query term appears in the middle of the URL, it can handle it nicely.

    The "i" button for information does not work relialbly (macOS). It needs to be corrected.
  • It works OK. I would love it to have an option to display results in background tab like in Selection Context Search mini#1
  • awesome functionality!!
    great looking!

    a request - a possibility to open the search in a smaller preview window instead of a new tab.

    thanks for your work!
  • An sich ein Tolles Tool - ABER: Bringt meinen FF61 ständig zum abstürzen und zertstört den Cut&Paste Buffer (extrem nervig). Support gibt's auch keinen - im Normalfall deaktivieren.
  • Firefox CRASH becasue of " Copy to clipboard" option ,
    I disabled it and it stopped freezing .
  • This is absolutely fantastic work. One of the things I missed the most when upgrading to Quantum was losing the old Context Search extension by Ben Basson. Since then I've been delighted to discover that several replacements are available, but I think this one is the best of all of them.

    It's super-configurable and you can adjust just about all aspects of how the extension works. The options page is a little tricky to work out initially, but you only need to tweak the defaults if you don't want to get too bogged down in the details.

    There are three ways you can perform a search:
    a) The normal way, through a sub-menu on the context menu
    b) Directly on the context menu without needing the open a sub-menu (by installing the separate "Selection Context Search - mini" extensions)
    c) Using the pop-up icons for one-click searching without the context menu

    You can control where the search page appears. I prefer it as a background tab next to the current tab.

    What I love is that you can replace a number of other extensions with this one. There are extensions that offer to translate the current page for you, but here you can translate either the selected text or the current page. Likewise, there are extensions for performing reverse Google Image searches, but this extension does that too. Brilliant!

    REQUEST: Can we please have a blacklist of sites where we can disable this extension because it does NOT play well with JIRA. Too many times have I inserted something like "|!https://www.google.com.au/favicon.ico!|!https://www.google.com.au/favicon.ico!|!https://www.youtube.com/favicon.ico!|!https://en.wikipedia.org/favicon.ico!|" into my JIRA tickets.
  • Good stuff. It covers 3 types of add-ons in e.g. Context Search, Reverse image search and Server info/Cache browser. Has lots of servers built, can be very organized. I don't care for the restrictive license (on an open platform) so -1 star.

    Consider adding POST method for more websites support and bookmarklet support.
  • Ruins the ability to paste into browser window, such as for a search term.
  • The popup should stay the same size regardless of site specific custom zoom level, now it gets bigger/smaller if custom zoom is set.

    Popup's icons are still "missing" if 3rd party is blocked in uBlock Origin, just square with arrow is showing and not the sites correct icons)
  • Nice tool (FF.66b7)
  • Very useful and easy addon.By now I couldn't live without it.
  • best context menu search add-ons
  • Looks nice, but why doesn't it use the opensearch plugins installed?
  • Nifty tool this is.
  • Best context search add-on I've seen. Thanks a lot!
  • Thank you for this addon!

    Feature request:
    Please support to run javascript code for "Address" field (also with address placeholders in the code).
    small examples:
    Show Title: javascript:void(prompt('Current%20Tab%60s%20Title:',document.title));
    Show Domain: javascript:void(prompt('Current%20Tab%60s%20Domain:',~$D$~));
    View Cookies: javascript:alert('Cookies%20stored%20by%20this%20host%20or%20domain:\n\n'%20+%20document.cookie.replace(/;%20/g,'\n'));

    Feature request/conflict:
    Allow to change via options/settings the, relative to the selection, position of the popup window when selecting text.
    I am asking this because the popup window is now conflicting with the popup icon/bubble of the add-on "Google™ Translator" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-translator-webextension/).

  • The BEST for right click context search with multiple search engines and very configurable and easily add new search engines.
  • Great addon!
    A "copy to clipboard" tile would be great...
  • I love this Selection Context Search (SCS) extension and like that you're regularly adding new/improved features. It's brilliant that you respond speedily to people's review comments and always positively. I use it both in Firefox and Chrome.

    *** Feature Request ***
    I am a fan of the "Autocopy" function (Options: Copy the selected text to clipboard). However, I often mess things up when I come to paste from clipboard into a text field within the browser: as I highlight the target text (i.e. I wish to overwrite this text), the selection action itself copies the TARGET text to clipboard, replacing the clipboard SOURCE text I intended to paste, and so when I press Ctrl-V, the same text is pasted back and I've lost what was in the clipboard. That's not the extension's "fault"... it's me being a dumb user who doesn't think to blank out target text before copying something to clipboard (from either in the browser or any other application).

    === Solution 1 - easy, but incomplete ===
    Perhaps under "Options: Copy the selected text to clipboard", you could also provide a user-selectable modifier key (Ctrl / Alt / Shift) to temporarily suspend "Autocopy" so that when I press that key during a text highlight (via mouse drag or double-click) the extension won't copy the text to clipboard.

    Of course I'm still likely to regularly forget to press the "suspend autocopy" key... and I've tried to figure out if there's a way to solve the problem of unintended overwrite of clipboard contents. My super-duper solution is...

    === Solution 2 - complex, complete ===
    1) Under "Options: Copy the selected text to clipboard" (Autocopy), provide new user-selectable Options "Paste from Saved Clipboard - Popup" & "Paste from Saved Clipboard - Sub-menu". Alternatively, these could be provided via a new Search TYPE "Paste from Saved Clipboard" so it could be positioned on the sub-menu and set to show in popup just like other standard entries. I'd rely on the popup option because that would be my visual cue/reminder whenever I highlight text for pasting over.
    2) If Autocopy is enabled, SCS would always first save existing clipboard contents into the extension's own storage area before copying the current selection to clipboard. Then, whenever a user clicks on "Paste from Saved Clipboard", SCS would use the text it has saved in it's extension "saved clipboard" storage rather than what it has itself just copied to clipboard from the selection.
    - What if "Paste from Saved Clipboard" is chosen but Autocopy isn't set on? Just paste direct from System clipboard. Unless you choose to prevent the user selecting option "Paste from Saved Clipboard" except when Autocopy has also been selected.
    - Can we be 100% sure that the saved clipboard storage in the extension is secure and could not be accessed by any other extension / browser code? If not, then we'd need a warning note in an 'i' (info) flag next to the existing option "Copy the selected text to clipboard" so users would know to de-select this option if working with sensitive data. Or perhaps the saved clipboard can be set to self-destruct after xxx seconds?

    Understandably you may feel the suggestions are beyond the scope of your extension. It's been fun thinking it up anyway!

    Selection Context Search 5.18 / Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit) / Windows 10 Home Version 1709