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  • It is very convenient to use the "show in the popur window" setting! Why not add this setting to "Resent searches"?
    It'll be cool!

    P.S. And at the same time make the size of the popur window adjustable (specify the maximum number of columns, and the lines will be determined depending on the popur window filling)
    I wondered if anybody needed the recent searches in the popup. I will add this to my to-do list.

    The number of columns in the popup window is already customizable. In the Options page click the "More" link at the right of the "Show the popup window with the webpage icons" option. Please let me know if you thought of something else.
  • Many thanks for your great work, very useful
    But, same issue here with recent updates with FF 56.0.2 (64 bits), I have to stay in v5.5
    It is fixed in v5.9
  • Awesome customizability to allow for searching anything that can be passed on the URL. Really helpful!
  • This extension is very useful and I use it all the time. However, there is an annoying bug with the icon popup in the current version - it does not respect the "Open search page in" setting under preferences. Even if you have that setting set to "a background tab" (and not "a background tab next to current tab") the extension opens search results in a background tab next to the current tab ...

    Hmm ... actually looks as if even the context-menu does not respect the "Open search page in" setting - it used to in the previous version but I have not used the context menu since the popup was added ...
    The issue is fixed in v5.7
  • 我好像没有表达清楚我的意思。我是说希望作者可以添加云同步功能,就是说在别人的电脑上下载Selection Context Search插件后登陆自己的账号就可以同步自己电脑的该插件配置。
    同步使用“Firefox同步”来实现。 您需要一个Firefox帐户,然后在您使用的所有设备上的Firefox中单击“登录到同步”。 请让我知道,如果你需要不同的东西。
  • epic
  • developer is improving himself thats why i lıked this addon
  • Excellent. Just one thing to improve - add support of POST requests.
    Can you give me an example of a search web-page using POST requests?
  • The name of the context menu item is only configurable for selection context. Could you make it configurable for each context?
  • thank you for this great add-on. I am happy with it.
  • The update removed all my customizations - that's not cool!!!
    I try to replicate this but everything works fine on my side. I don't know what is causing this.
    Starting with v4.0 the settings are synced. Maybe there is the difference between my and your configuration.
  • Updated my review again. Today they added an extra step in the context menu for absolutely no reason. This extension is a mess of weird updates that either break something or makes it harder to use.
    Edit: Also do you happen to have more than about 700 rows in the Options table? I found that there is a 100k limit on the synced storage which by my calculation will store about 700 rows. If that is the case then I will abandon the synced storage. The not synced storage is unlimited.

    Edit: I will upload a new version. If that doesn't fix the problem then my conclusion is that the problem is with the Firefox synced storage. Are you logged in with a Firefox account? If so, do you use this account on multiple devices?

    The new version 5.0 fixes some bugs. Please let me know if you still have problems with the new version.
  • If i may ask for more features, mostly related to the appearance, like:

    1- An option to set the maximum length of selected text shown in the context menu. 44 is way too long.

    2- An option to change the main context menu icon or hiding it completely.

    3- An option to list the search websites in rows by their favicons without the text label.

    and thank you for the great add-on.
    Unfortunately these features cannot be implemented due to API limitations.
    1. Not possible. Firefox sets the length of the string. Also there is a Firefox bug where the ".." is appended in all situations.
    2. The main menu icon is always the add-on icon. Eventually you can suggest a nicer icon for the add-on.
    3. Again this is not possible by using the context menu. It could be implemented in a different way by opening a small window after clicking in the context menu or after the text is selected. But I think this way will be more inconvenient.
  • Excellent!
    Edit: the bug is fixed in version 2.3

    Edit: I see the problem when trying to move a row in an empty folder. I will fix that.
    A workaround for now is to create a new row in the folder. Once the folder has a row you can move the other rows in, then remove the first row. To add a new row to a folder, the folder needs to be selected then press "Add a row".

    Could you please detail more about this issue? I do not understand what do you mean with the "parallel structure". Maybe an example?
  • Great extension with a little bug: The bookmarked searches only work when the browser locale is set to en-us.

    It would be nice if you could add a placeholder for the complete URL and an option to use searches without a selection in the page and link context. Ex: https://web.archive.org/web/*/~$U$~ could open an archived page.

    Edit: Thanks a lot for the quick update. 5 stars now. :)
    The placeholder is implemented in v2.2. Also the bug is fixed.
  • Searched a long time for an extension with this functionality. Works flawlessly.
  • if only were a way to use the already existing search engines instead oftrying to build from scratch
    Unfortunately the new API does not allow the add-ons to access the search engines.
  • The Best!
  • When enabled, Firefox starts to increase CPU load for about 40%. Even when I have Firefox window on background. I had to disable it and restart Firefox and my CPU load is back to normal.
    It could be from the Firefox add-on installer. Please let me know the outcome in case you will try to install again.
  • 真的很不错,关键是自定义方面足够强大。希望以后能支持多重搜索!就是一次打开多个标签,每个标签使用不同搜索引擎。
  • Для новой версии Firefox лучше не найти добавления поиска в контекст меню
  • Works like a charm !

    Searched an add-on like this for a long time (used one similar on Chrome) and finally found this one.

    Easily 5 stars.
  • Bonus points for customization of the text and of the folder name.

    It doesn’t read the bookmarks in my case though, and I cannot debug this because of obfuscated source code.

    At least my security concerns are lifted: I forgot that Mozilla Team reviews the code of extensions.
    We have to provide the source code and the method of obfuscation to Firefox team. They review the code for each version and also ensure that the obfuscated code is generated from the source code.

    The folder should be located in "Bookmarks Menu". Not in other folders such as "Bookmarks Toolbar", "Other Bookmarks", ...