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  • Thank you.
    Do you plan to change the user agent randomly?
    By now I have to select a user agent at the start and after some time.
    A blacklist and whitelist for certain sites would be nice too :-)
  • Needs an option to export custom strings from an XML, so it won't need updating once in a while.
    Overall, looks pretty solid.
  • Incómodo de usar, dependiente de Internet para buscar en una base de datos que, encima, está desactualizada.
  • Very user friendly interface. Before i use other addon, but without option to select version of browser and etc, just only select os and browser.
  • just works :)
  • Wow it is easy to use and portable too. thank you!!
  • so good and portable.
    there are many UA lists to select
  • So muvh
  • They popped up an ad begging for a review when I was doing something, and then when I removed it I get a "why did you uninstall". I'd expect that in Chrome not FF.