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  • Works well with Firefox Nightly v60.0a1 on Android v6.0.1. Would be vastly improved if regular expressions (extended form) could be used to match against entire URLs. Currently, only the absolute string of the top-level hostname can be checked. But with regular expressions, it would, for example, be possible to match "^[fhttps]*\:\/\/www\.google\.co(m|\.[^\/]*)\/imgres\?" against URLs, in order to specify the user agent for displaying an image returned from a Google image search. Although this is a seemingly-specific example, with extended regular expression matching, anything would be possible, as they provide maximum URL-matching flexibility.
  • 可以在A
  • Great add-on. But need latest browser user agent.
  • I tried several user agent switching add-ons, and this is the only one that did what I wanted properly: allow a whitelist for sites to only apply the selected user agent. And it has an update splash disable option, which should be a requirement for all add-ons.
  • coololol
  • Berfungsi dengan baik untuk android, terimakasih.
  • Completely useless.. I can't even save a list of crawler user agents (like Googlebot or Bingbot) with which I want to visit a site.. a single textfield isn't going to cut it.
  • 在安卓平板上用非常棒……
  • Very good
  • )
  • perfect
  • Very powerful, with a very deep selection of user agents that you can easily sort through based on OS and browser. Blacklist, Whitelist, and Custom filtering is available in the addon options, though curiously you have to choose between the three instead of having a combination of them. No way to bulk add user agents is the only real downside to this addon, but when it comes with such a large selection to begin with this won't inconvenience many.

    I do recommend the Dev add a shortcut from the popup to get to the addon settings though.
  • In addition to choosing OS type and browser type, it allows to choose both the OS version and the browser version. Everything is provided as a pre-configured strings.
  • Very good spoofer. Use it to work around Facebook messenger. Only problem is that I can't get the whitelist to work.
  • user-Agent很全
  • It lacks the functionality to specify a user agent for individual URL. There are already extensions that have this implemented. Other than that, it works and the UI is nice. Mixed feelings.
  • Thank you.
    Do you plan to change the user agent randomly?
    By now I have to select a user agent at the start and after some time.
    A blacklist and whitelist for certain sites would be nice too :-)
  • Needs an option to export custom strings from an XML, so it won't need updating once in a while.
    Overall, looks pretty solid.