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  • This is the only add-on that allows me to highlight text, links, whatever and push it upwards to open in a new tab. If text, my default search engine takes it. If a link, it opens in the background in a new tab.
    Gosh I love this ability and, actually, this add-on is the main reason I stay with Firefox.
  • Very useful plugin, but why new permissions are required for the last updates ?
    Thank you for review.

    This is to support downloading images with no extension in the link.
    Also, due to API reasons, the following cannot be supported.
    ・ Default folder cannot be stored.
    ・ The extension cannot be determined automatically.
  • Hmm, stopped working 2-3 days ago..
    Works'ish after restart. Stay tuned
    Thank you for review.

    If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling it.
  • 簡單好用 是我要的
  • Ok, but opens unwanted tabs every time you drag&drop emails in outlook.
    Would be great if you could blacklist domains.
    Thank you for review.

    I respect and create original QuickDrag, so we apologize, but we will not respond.
    It may be created as another add-on.
  • Самое простое и самое рабочее!!!
  • Translation variant

    setting_title :"Налаштування QuickDrag"
    engine_title :"Пошукова система "
    is_address_forground :" Відкривати звичайне або текстове посилання у активній новій вкладці"
    is_search_forground :" Відкривати пошуковий запит у активній новій вкладці"
    is_save_image :" Використовувати drag-and-drop зображення для завантаження"
    is_prefer_save_image :" У випадку з зображенням із посиланням пріоритет надавати зберіганню зображення"
    tab_title :"Відкривати нову вкладку "
    tab_open_right :"справа"
    tab_open_left :"зліва"
    tab_open_last :"у кінці"
    tab_open_first :"на початку"
    save_button :"Зберегти"

    setting_title :"Настройки QuickDrag"
    engine_title :"Поисковая система "
    is_address_forground :" Открывать обычную и текстовую ссылку в активной новой вкладке"
    is_search_forground :" Загружать поисковый запрос в активной новой вкладке"
    is_save_image :" Использовать drag-and-drop для сохранения изображения"
    is_prefer_save_image :" В случае изображения со ссылкой приоритет отдавать сохранению изображения"
    tab_title :"Открывать новую вкладку "
    tab_open_right :"справа"
    tab_open_left :"слева"
    tab_open_last :"в конце"
    tab_open_first :"в начале"
    save_button :"Сохранить"

    is_prefer_save_image :" In the case of an image with a link, priority is given to download images"
    Thank you very muchヽ(*´v`*)ノヽ(*´v`*)ノヽ(*´v`*)ノ

    I fixed the translation part in version 4.2.
  • Wow finally I can install the new Firefox with this extension I can use it with the wacom tablet.
    Is it possible to differentiate the open tabs in foreground/background with the gesture? If I drag up the tab is opened in FG if I drag down it is in BK.
    Thank you for review.

    I respect and create original QuickDrag, so we apologize, but we will not respond.
    It may be created as another add-on.

    P.S. Fixed the problem posted to Github.
  • ハラショー!!
  • Very helpful! It will be perfect for me if there is an option to decide wether this addon will apply to the local files (file:///*) or not. I think black list funtion will be useful for some site.
    Thank you for review.

    Code corresponding to (file: ///) is included.
    However, the API does not correspond.

    Although it is a blacklist function, since we respect the original QuickDrag, there is no plan to respond.
    It may be created as another add-on.
  • supporting baidu is useful in china mainland
  • Very Good,just a simple function and just what I need.
  • very very minimalistic..
    drag to tabs area provides exactly the same functionality without this add-on
  • Drag a URL but put the URL in Google search. Drag a word or string of words for searching in google - put words with .com ending in URL bar. Not really helpfull!
    Thank you for review.

    Is not the first character of the URL blank?
    I fixed the problem with version 3.3.
  • Funktioniert nicht
    Thank you for review.

    Would you mind describing the details of the problem specifically?