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  • Very handy & simple! I'd like to have an option to remove the search bar if so desired. (Unless I've missed it)?
  • Great add-on. But how does one increase the icon size of the drop down list? I'd like the icons to be larger for more visibility.
  • This Add-on is really great and useful.This is not new as I am using it since 2 or may be 3 years.
    NOTE:I installed Firefox 15 Beta but the add-on seem not compatible with it and I could not make visible.
  • A very great addon. I like it and it works perfect. Thank you very much
  • Excellent plugin, but unfortunately no recent update :(
    For example Goo.gl ask for captcha...
    Google Document instead of Google Drive...
  • Since rise of technology through internet & development of new applications in the dynamic world we live in, 1 name that come to mind is Google, my favorite add-on goes beyond offerings more than others to simpfly my lifestyle, most of the time I heavily enjoy using services Google offers, commonly used Gmail, Search Engine, Google Maps, Google Docs, Image Search, but I stepped further to experience what Google adds to my life. It makes browsing & searching easier on the web with Product Search, Google Maps, It also organizes my life with use of Calendar, Google Docs &Google Drive. It also makes communication easier for me and everyone through; Voice chat, Google Circles, Gmail, It keeps me up to date with use of Google Alerts, SMS Channels, and Google news
    Google Setting shortcuts: enable me to customize my choice based on my preference and usage from list on services I frequently use, with simple click on icon / click from drop down list. I consider this add-on as treasure coated with Google services that makes everyone wealthier and simplifies life, if put in use on day to day lifestyle, This ADD-ON acts as one click to diverse Google services.
  • Google Apps are the things that I visit most on the internet and this add on allows me to reach any of them quickly. You can select from all the Google Apps to build your personal menu. I like to keep my browser free from buttons and clutter and the multitude of preferences allows you to hide or show as many short cut icons as you wish. An Excellent Add on for any Google App user.
  • Now I don't need the black google bar any more (which wasn't customizable, hence my need for this add-on). How do I disable the black google bar? Could that ability be included in the options for this add-on?
  • I love this plugin, but it really needs an update. Some of the options no longer exist on Google, and now goo.gl gets a captcha trigger.
  • To work online more effectively, I need to prepare my "work space" by opening some of my favourite Google services. It takes a while to type (i.e. copy / paste) the URL and open the website. However, with the 'Google Shortcuts - All Google Services at a glance' extension, I no longer have to go through the cumbersome ritual of my "prepare work space" routine, all services is merely a "drop-down" away and it is quick and easy to locate the service I needs at that particular moment. Quite a nifty and useful extension... thanks!
  • Excellent plugin, but unfortunately no recent update, why?!
    (Goo.gl ask for captcha, Google Document instead of Google Drive, etc.)
  • Goo.gl ask for captcha ?
  • It's a very useful addon!! Thanks for the effort and for sharing it with the world!

    @litrax: Seriously, use your brain: It's not fair to vote it down because you don't know that Google Docs automatically redirects to Google Drive. The Icon for the Play Store is there too, it's still named "Android Market".
  • I can't find entrys like Play Store, Drive and so on. Please update Add-On!!!
  • I love it, really useful, simple, and well made. I love the huge amount of choices.
  • Not really perfect
    Missing showing Google bookmarks in a drop-down tree view
  • Not updated !


  • Safes me a lot of time, thanks!
  • Google Shortcuts provides a very handy way to access the specific Google services and products you regularly use.

    However — by default the services are accessed via HTTP, *not* HTTPS. It is possible to edit the URL of the services you have selected, and thus specify HTTPS, but it's a one-by-one operation.

    So four stars for the convenience it provides, but not five stars because it doesn't make it sufficiently easy to use HTTPS by default…
  • I use this all. the. time.

    This tool gets me to all the Google stuff I use and is one of the most efficient ways to find out about all the great stuff Google has that they are so very terrible about making people aware of. Thanks.
  • great add :)
  • Don't know what happened with this update, but all I get is this error message now when I open FF.

    "Error on adding toolbar element:
    NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED, Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [nsIPrefBranch.getCharPref]"

    Please fix this. This is one of my most useful and favorite add-ons. Thank you.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Download a newer version in the meantime from here: http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/downloads/detail?name=googleshortcuts_2.1.8.2.xpi
  • gloogle shorcuts
  • Since the last update it is spamming a new page of firefox start with advertising. Can live without this. Deleted!
  • It works nice - good job.

    But IMHO it's not useful for everybody. For example: when I have active bookmarks toolbar, it's much more easier to manage there a folder with appropriate links - this solution is also sync-able between computers.

    2 stars down - not beneficial for me