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  • Shortcuts don't open (links dont work). Firefox 57.0 64bit.
  • Doesn't work anymore :( Firefox Quantun 5 7.0
    Can you please fix it?
  • Not working on the latest Firefox ESR (52.1.1).
  • Shortcuts don't open (links dont work). Firefox 57.0 64bit.
    Just started to work.
  • Icons on the menu bar disappeared.
  • If i could rate it zero stars I would. Pointless to put up an extension that does absolutely not a damn thing. Nice icons though...oh wait. those were already made by google. bug report page doesn't work either. Convenient maybe?
  • Not working on the latest version
  • No Funciona en Firefox 57 / Linux Mint 17.3. No redirecciona a ninguna parte. El icono está muy bien pero no tiene ninguna funcionalidad. Por favor arreglen este fallo.
  • No funciona en Windows 7
  • Drag and drop does not working. When clicked and dragged, the icon disappeared.
  • After some initial problems (and a quick fix) the updated version does show up again in menu bar AND does –partially– work again (Win 10 / Quantum) > customization (drag and drop / add custom buttons) still does not work. Slowly getting there, thanks!
  • Excellent add-on. I so hope you'll update for the new Firefox Quantum.
  • I love this add on, very useful for me. Please update it for the new Firefox :(
  • loved this extension...i wish it would be updated for FFQ
  • This one is very limited. No Google Drive, no Play Store etc. Unable to make icons for the different shortcuts larger.
  • es fehlt das Update für FF57
  • Obsolete.Contains buttons for services that Google no longer provides.Little functionality at all.
  • DO NOT USE. Out of Date.
  • At the moment, I get error messages when trying to create custom buttons. Also, my existing custom buttons have all lost their icons. Attempts to assign new icons evoke more error messages. Google Shortcuts has long been one of my favorite and most used extensions. I hope it's fixable, and thank you!
  • Missing well known links such as Google Drive and Google Inbox. Also when creating a custom button, it shows an error, not letting you create one.
  • Very handy. Totally customizable. I've been using it for years. Keep all your important links in one tiny dropdown.
  • Good.
    Where is drive.google.com?
  • При создании новых кнопок, изменении вида кнопки или адреса возникает ошибка джавы! Очень удобное дополнение, жаль что не поддерживается автором.
  • In need of some updating, but otherwise the Best Google Shortcut tool out there at the moment.