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  • tres pratiques c esr dans le bon sens merci..
  • facility perfect for rapidity movemento to change page....
  • Good
  • Thank you, this is what I needed!
  • Perfect! Thank you for the update!
  • Best Google shortcuts plugin around.
  • 這是一個很棒的套件!!
    請增加使用中間鍵開啟至新分頁功能 才能完整取代現有的 Google Bar 按鈕!
  • 完犊子了,用不了。能不能升级一下?老铁
  • I always used a Google Shortcuts and it was very useful to my work on Internet as i am using different apps from Google like Blogger, Gmail, Translate and others. Thank you for your addon.
  • January 9 2018 - just installed. Does not work at all.
  • it's less and less functional every day
  • latest revision seems to have broken app in FireFox
  • works fine for me
  • Ce module naguère agréable est devenu moche, non paramétrable, inutile.je l'ai supprimé.
    Heureusement, il est remplaçable, et de toutes façons, pas indispensable.
  • It's not customizable, not working and addon was abandoned... Instead this scrap I've find Google App Launcher in addon's search
  • ISSUE! NOT WORKING ON FF 52.5.2esr, 52.5.3 esr !

    Got exactly the same problem as described by starlight on Firefox 52.5.3 esr (also 52.5.2 esr) - no icons nowhere (also not in "settings" - neither “available services” nor “my services”), was not lucky enough to get the previous version (STARLIGHT, IF YOU READ IT, COULD YOU PLEASE MAKE THE VERSION 16.7.0 AVAILABLE? SAME REQUEST TO THE AUTHORS OF THE ADDON), but only got an .xpi file of a version and am glad at least to have a working addon, but it's tricky to get the actual addresses of the services therein (just for example - there isn't even Google Drive link and the added button with it's address https://www.drive.google.com and Name 'GDrive' remains 'Custom Button 1' and shows errors etc.).

    Do not want to give just one star etc., as i used this addon for years and was - and am - glad that it exists and do not want to ruin it, but it's impossible to write smth here without giving some amount of stars, so just took one star away from the 5, thinking, that if there were all 5, no one sees that I'm describing an issue.... A kind of a dilemma ;)