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  • I love this add-on. It gives me reliable access to not only my google apps, but to custom links I have added. I have it configured as a drop down memnu so it takes very little territory on the tool bar.

    Thank you Sören!
  • the best,although old enough
  • Mit einem Klick hat Zugriff auf die Google Services die man braucht/nutzen will ohne langwierig nach der richtigen Adresse suchen zu müssen.
  • good/but i need Google Drive Ico too
  • Great addon
  • One of the best Firefox Addons which I'm installing once Firefox is installed on my computer!
    Highly recommended!

    Thank you for update and keep the great work for Developer!!!
  • Although no longer supported, this is still one of my favorite and most-used extensions. (Currently using Firefox 31.)
  • All of the above. The developer of this is simply selfish.
  • Stop advertising chrome
  • Application plus supportée par le développeur et il manque des services tel que Drive et Keep.
  • Works great, very tidy. Thanks!
  • FF29 - and I STILL use this! It's really great but would need a cleanup/update to remove icons for, say, Google Wave etc LOL! However, the many (invalid) icons allow you to use them for your own links.
    Is there a valid current alternative for FF? Anyone?
  • I use this in Firefox, Windows 7 and Linux Mint. I only use two Google shortcuts; the rest are custom links. The Chrome replacement suggested doesn't appear to offer custom links. Now what...
  • A pity it's no longer maintained. However, the commoner shortcuts still work fine.
  • It is a pity this is no longer maintained, and I have been unable to install the Chrome version in Firefox - as the developer suggests above.
    You have to install the Chrome version in the Chrome browser...
  • This is what I was looking for. Thank you!
  • heeft nog nooit gehaperd, prachtige en gemakkelijke weergave...
    Very usefull and non-obstructive. good!
  • I see many of the older Google services still listed like Reader. Ilike the add-on and would like to see other services like Keep added to the list.

    Thank you for this app.
    Please note that this extension is not maintained anymore.
  • I do like this one, shame it's not supported or developed any more.

    It's an excellent add on though if you have the top bar hidden in gmail. I only wish it had an option to open links in the sidebar.
  • Hello i donate if my Google shortcut new icon will come
  • Wenn ich Google Reader lese, dann weiss ich, dass die App unbrauchbar ist.
  • Love this extension, but it seems the dev has not updated it in a long while. Google has since changed many of their services, leaving this extension outdated. Would gladly donate if dev would update.
  • Nice idea but completely outdated now..

    Version Info
    October 7, 2011
  • It's no longer called Docs.
  • The best. Realy useful. And easy to manage.