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  • Potentially the great extension, but still not adapted for Quantum.
    Currently not works (v16.6.1):
    1) Custom shortcuts (if you add an one shortcut the extension will show empty popup)
    2) Manual removing shortcuts from "My services"
    3) Option "Reset settings to default"
  • great extension
  • Yes, it is working again. I only have problems to remove a shortcut
  • Doesn't work anymore! All important Addons are gone and no possibility to get it back. The button for Google Shortcuts also doesn't work. Now it's another Addon for the trash.
  • Stopped working with the new update (20 Nov 2017). It looks nice in one button, but icons do nothing. Firefox 52.5.0 (32-bit) with Windows XP. UPDATE: Now it works after new update (20 Nov 2017). Wow, you work FAST.
  • It's better now but still can not configure my services.
  • Not working any more. Many thanks for your hard work.
  • And yet another extension broken by the WebExtension update. Even though the settings import doesn't work any more from previous versions, I managed to configure the icons (though it was a bit buggy), but now when I try to click on them in the app's popup window, nothing happens. Rolling back to the previous version for now. Firefox ESR 52.5.0.
  • Thank you for your work, and for adapting for FF57. But I'm very upset that my settings were reset without warning.
  • Used to be perfect with previous version of Firefox. Please would you kindly fix "Add this..." button used for editing Google bookmarks? This is main feature for some people :)
  • Shortcuts don't open (links dont work). Firefox 57.0 64bit.
  • Doesn't work anymore :( Firefox Quantun 5 7.0
    Can you please fix it?
  • Not working on the latest Firefox ESR (52.1.1).
  • Shortcuts don't open (links dont work). Firefox 57.0 64bit.
    Just started to work.
  • Icons on the menu bar disappeared.
  • If i could rate it zero stars I would. Pointless to put up an extension that does absolutely not a damn thing. Nice icons though...oh wait. those were already made by google. bug report page doesn't work either. Convenient maybe?
  • Not working on the latest version
  • No Funciona en Firefox 57 / Linux Mint 17.3. No redirecciona a ninguna parte. El icono está muy bien pero no tiene ninguna funcionalidad. Por favor arreglen este fallo.
  • No funciona en Windows 7
  • Drag and drop does not working. When clicked and dragged, the icon disappeared.
  • After some initial problems (and a quick fix) the updated version does show up again in menu bar AND does –partially– work again (Win 10 / Quantum) > customization (drag and drop / add custom buttons) still does not work. Slowly getting there, thanks!
  • Excellent add-on. I so hope you'll update for the new Firefox Quantum.
  • I love this add on, very useful for me. Please update it for the new Firefox :(
  • loved this extension...i wish it would be updated for FFQ