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  • If message "Download failed. Please check your connection" appears, try to update Firefox. Go to "Help" -> "About Firefox". Update to ver. 66.0.4 and restart Firefox.
    Your addons can be enabled now. Works fine for me.
  • Thank you!
  • This is the best of its kind. Thank you @gorhill
  • This is a great app that stopped working a few days ago because of mozilla screwing all it's users. Internet is hell without it. I've already been stuck for a year on firefox 56 because I am dependent on a "LEGACY" multirow bookmark addon that mozilla doesn't have an equivalent for after 57 (which is a crazy functionality for any browser NOT to have by default). Now getting uBlock error "Download failed. Please check your connection" . Stop messing with our addons you yahoos!!!
  • Thanks to the developers for this great addon! It really works!

    The latest release of uBlock Origin 1.18.17rc5 was installed and works fine for me [FF 56.0.2 x64].

    But when trying to install previous versions, the message "This add-on could not be installed because it was not verified" or "This add-on could not be installed because it corrupted" appeared.

    uBlock Origin 1.18.17rc5: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/download/1.18.17rc5/uBlock0_1.18.17rc5.firefox.signed.xpi

    Please correct your negative add-on rating that was caused by a known FF developers problem...
  • Corregido el error de archivo corrupto, muchas gracias.-
  • Πολύ αξιόπιστο εργαλείο
  • Отличное расширение! Но дурацкий firefox перестал его поддерживать, поэтому надо искать какую-то альтернативу броузеру :(
  • The last firefox update resolve the problem!
    I ve one word! 5/5!

    (Last message, 1/5:
    Not supported by firefox 57
    This is a great Pub Blocker but it didn't works now!
    Please upgrade it for firefox 57! and i ll change my ratting to 5/5 ! )