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  • This addon has caused nothing but problems for me across many websites. Adobe's website doesn't show prices, a photo downloader wouldn't retrieve the file, a Microsoft Sharepoint site wouldn't load any of the files, and other problems with Samsung, some forums and even Google. All solved by disabling the addon. I'm doing SO MUCH disabling that it's not even worth having it. I've never had these problems with AdBlock Plus. UGH!!!

    EDIT: Also just found out it was this plugin responsible for making Paypal give me errors where it was impossible to pay. Worked as soon as I disabled this. This is with no custom filters. Madness. Definitely removing now.
  • Please, can you add a strict_min_version to the manifest? For non-legacy versions (such as this week's 1.22.2) to be not offered as updates to e.g. Waterfox Classic:


    Also, a typo 'uBO mat' for Linux (in what appears to be an Android section):

  • ublock is one of the few adblockers out there that isn't being paid to display specific adds. 5 stars in my book. forget all the other adblockers, uninstall those. Get ublock and improve your browsing experience tenfold.
  • Crashes mobile Firefox every time, so I had to remove it.
  • Switched over to uBlock Origin from Adblock Plus a little over a year ago, and it's been great! No complaints. Gets the job done. Thanks Raymond!