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  • Please, can you add a strict_min_version to the manifest? For non-legacy versions (such as this week's 1.22.2) to be not offered as updates to e.g. Waterfox Classic:


    Also, a typo 'uBO mat' for Linux (in what appears to be an Android section):

  • ublock is one of the few adblockers out there that isn't being paid to display specific adds. 5 stars in my book. forget all the other adblockers, uninstall those. Get ublock and improve your browsing experience tenfold.
  • Crashes mobile Firefox every time, so I had to remove it.
  • Switched over to uBlock Origin from Adblock Plus a little over a year ago, and it's been great! No complaints. Gets the job done. Thanks Raymond!
  • Essential. Eliminates ads and tracking with minimal site breakage and no speed or resource negative effects. Sometimes get over 3k requests blocked on a webpage that doesnt break. Also has great support for custom lists and an element picker to improve the look and functionality of webpages.
  • best ad block so far. simple user friendly interface