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  • It would be better if there was a way to address issues with uBO instead of hoping any problems that arise just go away on there own, Like how its just now decided to not work at all.
  • Blocks infowars players. You have to shut off this blocker to watch infowars players
  • 超喜欢“记录器”功能!能清楚的知道哪些URL被哪条规则禁止了。
  • Amazingly powerful. Easy to use (Granular or static or both) options for blocking all those hidden behind-the-scenes tracking sites. There is flexibility with all that power and it allows you to remove just cosmetic elements and images so that your pages load quicker. It is a little work but not tedious. Also loading filter/rules from the repositories does light years of work for you. If sites block you and give you popups because uBlock Origin is on just load the "Greasemonkey" addon (with the correct script) and you should be able to bypass their annoying counter measure. Enjoy.
  • いいと思います