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  • I wanted this add-on. I clicked the button for this add-on. Then it switched me the Amazon France ... because me and my computer are in France. BUT WHY DOES IT THINK I UNDERSTAND FRENCH JUST BECAUSE MY COMPUTER AND ME ARE IN FRANCE AT THE MOMENT? Why swtich languages? We were getting along very well in English; why not keep to what was working ... English?
    Over 18 years in spending lots of money on Amazon ... ALL in English.
    So now I do not have this add-on. No big loss for me.
  • please include Amazon Turkey / amazon.com.tr
  • used this with chrome was little glitchy but wth fire fox seems more stable.
    Keep up the good work.
  • Ne marche que sur .com
    Work only on .com ...
  • Cette extension ne semble pas fonctionnelle dès que l'on passe sur Amazon France. Cela la rend tout bonnement inutile dans le cas d'un utilisateur français.
  • Doesn't work unless you want to be on the American site. Will not let me change to UK, just say the is an error, which is obvious. I've now installed and reinstalled six times, still doesn't work!
  • Doesn't work
  • Very usefull!
  • Damit es funktioniert, müssen Einstellungen im Firefox geöffnet werden:
    "Was blockiert werden soll:"
    "Alle erkannten Elemente zur Aktivitätenverfolgung"
    - entweder ausschalten oder auf "nur private Fenster" setzen.

  • use Quantum 63.0.3 (64 bit)
    not work japan(amazon.co.jp)
  • What would be great is if there was a setting so that it only made a product comparison when I was actually adding a product to my shopping list or to my wish list. It does alert to items available at Amazon when I am at other web sites HOWEVER there is a constant barrage of comparisons and they aren't always a better price or even a similar item. Sometimes it made a price comparison when I was on a website that didn't seem to be selling anything. So it doesn't work right. I also get some error messages. So I gave up on it. Mostly I wanted to get the 'add to wishlist' button back but it wasn't worth the aggravation.
  • Doesn't work at all, just error messages and intrusive 'suggestions'. Have given up on it now after numerous attempts and am uninstalling it. I just want the 'add to wishlist' button back. If they were trying to stop people from adding external items to the wishlist and force them to use amazon more they've failed, they've achieved making me not want to use an amazon wishlist at all. UK.
  • It doesn't work. I'm not able to use it at all.
  • Semble ne pas fonctionner sur le site France.
  • Awful, bloated replacement to their previous Amazon button. It also hangs when you change the region from US to UK.
  • When is set it in french, i have this :
    Quand je choisi la langue française j'ai ceci :

    Error code: ext103 ee5c4444-2a80-4499-89ee-93d27a3727c9
  • Extensão fantástica. Pratico, rápido, funcional...
  • Non funziona per Amazon.it