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  • This is a great apps, for amazon users is 100% recommend.
  • very convenient
    and easy to use
  • Very good easy to use
  • So ridiculously annoying it's useless. There are no settings to shut off the annoying banners that pop up on virtually EVERY stupid site. Assumes I want to see what Amazon has to offer REGARDLESS of what I am looking at. Stupid app needs to have settings so I can say when to show me stuff and when not too. It does what it wants so It's going away.
  • Pros: Easy to keep track of the delivery and watch list.

    Cons: Only service restricted regions.
  • Just downloaded the Amazon Assistant app and am very exited to use it. Have heard about it from a peer and the initial use was great.
  • Very good easy to use
  • Fantastic! easy to use.
  • One of the most useless and irritating apps I was foolish enough to install. It resisted all attempts to remove it until I discovered I0Bit Advanced system care.
  • Leider muss man einen Stern vergeben - eigentlich wären es NULL Sterne. Dieses Addon ist völlig unbrauchbar, wenn man Bestellungen auf anderen Plattformen als amazon.com aufgibt - die werden einfach nicht angezeigt. Sehr seltsam für ein angeblich globales Unternehmen ...
  • Nach Sprachumstellung... nur gehler läuft seit Tagen nicht mehr

    Error code: ext103 e4889ea5-bdfa-48d2-bf39-8fd5e0f86dea
  • No funciona para España, se queda colgado. Does not work for Spain, it gets stuck.
  • Solo funciona para la página USA, al intentar cambiar a Amazon España se queda colgado. Ya me ha pasado varias veces con Firefox Quantum 64, 64 bits, asi que voy a eliminar la extension.
  • I wanted this add-on. I clicked the button for this add-on. Then it switched me the Amazon France ... because me and my computer are in France. BUT WHY DOES IT THINK I UNDERSTAND FRENCH JUST BECAUSE MY COMPUTER AND ME ARE IN FRANCE AT THE MOMENT? Why swtich languages? We were getting along very well in English; why not keep to what was working ... English?
    Over 18 years in spending lots of money on Amazon ... ALL in English.
    So now I do not have this add-on. No big loss for me.
  • please include Amazon Turkey / amazon.com.tr
  • used this with chrome was little glitchy but wth fire fox seems more stable.
    Keep up the good work.