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  • First time user but Longtime Amazon fan.
  • a good extension. helped a lot. didn't had to open amazon again and again.
  • Ho provato a installarla e disinstallarla più volte su diversi pc, ma da sempre lo stesso problema: non appena si seleziona l'Italia l'estensione va il loop infinito e non funziona. Direi che così è inutile.
  • Helped me a great deal to make sense of my multiple wishlists in my multiple locale accounts.
  • Awesome add-on! and easy to use..
  • Silly me - I assumed that since I use Firefox on both my Mac desktop and my Windows 10 laptop, the Amazon assistant would migrate, with the browser, from one platform to the other. Boy, was I wrong. Every time I restart Firefox on the Windows 10 laptop, the Amazon assistant is - go figure - missing. Not the best customer relations experience!
  • Desde hace uno meses no funciona en amazon.es
  • Per L'Italia non funziona.
    Error code: ext103 941e0522-847c-43d5-8278-6db7927555c6
  • nice
  • Simplistic and useful
  • Quick access, very convenient!
  • My location is outside US and its showing currency in USD while suggesting, Also it doesn't shows my past orders.
  • I love the assistant!