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  • Desde hace uno meses no funciona en amazon.es
  • Per L'Italia non funziona.
    Error code: ext103 941e0522-847c-43d5-8278-6db7927555c6
  • nice
  • Simplistic and useful
  • Quick access, very convenient!
  • My location is outside US and its showing currency in USD while suggesting, Also it doesn't shows my past orders.
  • I love the assistant!
  • if I choose Amazon.DE, can you put an option for assistant in english, as it is on-site?

    thank you
  • There is no usage of this addon for me. Its home page is www.amazon.com. Well I am not an American and my homepage is somewhere else. When I open Amazon page using this one, my list of orders is 0.
  • As far as I can tell, this add-on does nothing useful whatsoever. Having not observed any of its 'benefits' during the past year, in which I've made only 6 or so purchases from Amazon, I have to assume this is a fairly useless app for the less-than-avid consumer, such as I.
    It claims to show comparisons to "thousands of sites" but, this is Amazon's claim, not an independent arbiter's.
  • dos not work