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  • no longer works, can not log-in only sends you to the web site. It will not save non-amazon items to wish list like it used to.
  • amazing add on
  • Amazing extension, best part is order notification as I keep ordering things frequently, I can have updates while working.
  • This is very helpful for searching and shopping
  • This app used to work. Now it just pops up with a single button that says, "add to wishlist" and when you click it, it brings up Amazon.com in a new tab and doesn't allow you to add anything to your wishlist at all. What is the point of this now?

    It used to allow you to add to any wishlist you have all from the pop up. Now it doesn't allow you to add to any. Malfunctioning.
  • A great feature from Amazon.. Loving it
  • Makes the discovery of products easier and is great to compare prices as one surfs across the web: a brilliant feature!
  • It's very helpful to help me find the product I want.
  • va collegata al vostro account amazon . Dà informazioni utili agli acquisti , attenti però : alcuni antivirus potrebbero prenderla per un malaware e disabilitarla !
  • User friendly, seamless login, does everything I could want a shopping extension to do! Love it!!!
  • utter bs. totally not user friendly
  • Wont let me log in and doesn't do what it says.
  • great
  • It's rubbish! Can't get it to do anything
  • Simply will not work on my Win-10 Pro with Firefox 66.0.3 (64 bit). Worthless!