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  • too complicated, too much stuff going on, too many settings. I need something that just blocks stuff without so many pop-ups of it's own...
    Hi, Ghostery starts blocking with default settings as soon as it is installed. However, we are happy to help you navigate the settings. Reach out to us by email to support@ghostery.com so we can assist.
  • Good one
  • Very powerful ad-blocker and anti-tracker. Must have for everyone.
  • Huge difference between my desktop without Ghostery and my laptop with. The former had dozens of ads, annoying flashing all the time, pages wouldn't load, screen froze, severe tension, what a headache!

    With Ghostery, all of that was gone. Smooth, clean, relaxing use of browser. Notification of which trackers were being blocked. Could choose how much I wanted to know and screen out. Thank you, thank you!!!
    Thanks for the kind words. Happy browsing!