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  • 不能完全拦截广告,不能完全停止跟踪器,完全降低网站速度,风扇飞转。
  • Good!
  • Ghostery’s built-in ad blocker removes advertisements from a web page to eliminate clutter so you can focus on the content you want.
  • Prima Schutz; ich hoffe, die treiben keinen Schindluder mit meinen Daten.
  • My Pinterest ad blocker was removed by Firefox (how much did Pinterest pay Firefox for that I wonder) so I tried this app instead but it doesn't work at all for Pinterest. Works great for Youtube but it has to work for Pinterest to get more than 3 stars from me.
    Hi, Ghostery blocks third party tracking and ads. Shoot us an email to support@ghostery.com of some examples where Ghostery is not working on Pinterest so we can look into it further. Thanks!
  • Good nice
  • perfectly
  • Слышал, что эта приблуда связана со спецслужбами, мониторит для них активность пользователей. Хотя, уверен, они и без нее не плохо справляются с этим.
  • buono