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Firefox for Android extensions

Personalize Firefox for Android with powerful extensions.

Extensions recomanades
  • Dark Reader

    Dark Reader

    Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

    1.157.318 usuaris

  • Google Search Fixer

    Google Search Fixer

    Override the user-agent string presented to Google Search pages to receive the search experience shown to Chrome.

    121.238 usuaris

  • ClearURLs


    Removes tracking elements from URLs

    221.969 usuaris

  • SingleFile


    Save an entire web page—including images and styling—as a single HTML file.

    58.811 usuaris

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  • Youtube Downloader

    Youtube Downloader

    Simplify YouTube downloads: one click, no hassle.

    764 usuaris

  • Video Downloader

    Video Downloader

    Download videos from your favorite sites with just one click. Now available for YouTube too!

    1.721 usuaris

  • &udm=14


    Modifies Google Search URLs to include '&udm=14' when enabled.

    113 usuaris

  • Edició web

    Edició web

    Editeu llocs web temporalment fàcilment amb un clic d'un botó.

    128 usuaris

  • SocialFocus: Hide Distractions

    SocialFocus: Hide Distractions

    Block feed, shorts, related and other distractions on time-wasting sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn...

    978 usuaris

  • Page Sidebar | Open any page in side panel

    Page Sidebar | Open any page in side panel

    Effortlessly open any website in your web browser's sidebar – streamline your workflow instantly!

    174 usuaris

  • YT Shorts Blocker

    YT Shorts Blocker

    Hide Youtube shorts and videos under 4 minutes in length from your recommended section. For desktop and mobile!

    323 usuaris

  • YouTube Download Helper

    YouTube Download Helper

    Effortlessly download YouTube videos with one-click button.

    586 usuaris