5.852 inceleme
  • Lots of useful tweaks and configuration options. Unfortunately the playback speed cannot be set to more than 2x.
  • This addon broke my youtube. It turned the youtube pages completly white. Deinstalling it doesn't fix the probelm!
  • I find this add-on truly improves my user experience when using YouTube.
  • perfect
  • amazing
  • Excellent add-on! It would be also nice to be able to like/dislike videos while in the Enhancer mode.
  • Well done. Akansas
  • Great addon. Thank you for this.

    Please consider adding these features:
    - Taking screenshot of a video
    - Automatically redirecting to videos tab on a channel
    - Opening thumbnail of a video
  • Considero una muy buena herramienta , Excelente . . . . saludos
  • It's ad-blocking abilities were not the reason for my interest, after all i have both adblock plus and ultimate installed. What truly interested me were the dark themes for craptube. Yes, for that alone catch 4 stars Maxime RF and Purple Dark for the dark purple theme.
    Finally no longer i have to suffer under the obnoxious white. Now if only someone made similar addon for Firefox pages....