6.040 inceleme
  • Hay montones de complementos para el youtube y son todos iguales, y ninguno tiene lo que me interesa que es la opción de poder ver los vídeos de las listas de Youtube en orden cronológico.
  • Great extension. One recommendation is I would love to have a button added to the page at the top of a video next to create a video that would enable the large video mode. Right now my options are Alt+End or the resize player button which both cycle through different modes. I just need to be able to easily go back once I scroll back up the page and continue watching.
  • Cool plugin. Must have for youtube.
  • good
  • Brilliant. Performing flawlessly for me. What a pleasure to block the endlessly obnoxious ads that increasingly appear in the MIDDLE of YouTube videos which destroy the experience of watching, esp. at night. Would like to see your PayPal UN displayed so I can donate. THANK YOU!
  • mantap
  • I use this very often to make sure when I'm reacting to videos.