6.067 inceleme
  • Dropped my 5 start to 2 star because they forced a update, also they have not actually fixed the real & bad problems !
    Mozilla is a organisation that stands for free and open internet, not forced apon internet !

    "click timestamp" so called "requested fix" a feature i used every day, it's messing up my everyday yt experience. .

    Do fix real problems like:
    *video fitting the window
    *when new yt tab is opened it hangs for several minutes(np on any other sites)
    *when new yt tab is opened that tab stops respongin and have to force stop it(np on any other sites)
    ..and not make the addon/extension worse.

    No donations from me!
  • Must have this extension.
  • Nice. Works perfectly!
  • Top Add-On!
    Die Themes und die Lautstärkeäanpassung per Mausrad möchte ich nicht mehr missen.
  • Please consider adding the ability to change the *Keyboard shortcut* for Cinema Mode.

    Alt + Shift + End is mission impossible on my laptop... :'(

    Love the addon,
    Thank you! :-)
  • :like: