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Control Panel for Twitter (Developer Spotlight)
Control Panel for Twitter (Developer Spotlight)
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Privacy & Security extensions
Privacy & Security extensions
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Social media enhancers
Social media enhancers
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  • DownThemAll!


    The Mass Downloader for your browser

    211,605 ผู้ใช้

  • NoScript Security Suite

    NoScript Security Suite

    The best security you can get in a web browser! Allow potentially malicious web content to run only from sites you trust. Protect yourself against XSS other web security exploits.

    304,805 ผู้ใช้

  • Stylus


    Redesign your favorite websites with Stylus, an actively developed and community driven userstyles manager. Easily install custom themes from popular online repositories, or create, edit, and manage your own personalized CSS stylesheets.

    108,025 ผู้ใช้

  • Swift Selection Search

    Swift Selection Search

    Swiftly access your search engines in a popup panel when you select text in a webpage. Context menu also included!

    10,849 ผู้ใช้

  • Activist – Balanced

    Activist – Balanced

    802,193 ผู้ใช้

  • Visionary – Balanced

    Visionary – Balanced

    524,110 ผู้ใช้

  • Dreamer – Balanced

    Dreamer – Balanced

    460,612 ผู้ใช้

Elite ad blockers
  • uBlock Origin

    uBlock Origin

    Finally, an efficient wide-spectrum content blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

    7,836,120 ผู้ใช้

  • AdBlock for Firefox

    AdBlock for Firefox

    The most popular ad blocker for Chrome and Safari, now available for Firefox! Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu. Browse faster, too! Most ads aren't even downloaded at all, saving you time and bandwidth.

    1,183,248 ผู้ใช้

  • AdGuard AdBlocker

    AdGuard AdBlocker

    Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.

    1,051,351 ผู้ใช้

  • AdBlocker for YouTube™

    AdBlocker for YouTube™

    Remove all annoying ads from YouTube.

    457,796 ผู้ใช้

Steam enhancers
  • SteamDB


    Adds SteamDB links and new features on the Steam store and community. View lowest game prices and stats.

    50,159 ผู้ใช้

  • Augmented Steam

    Augmented Steam

    Augments your Steam Experience

    53,090 ผู้ใช้

  • Steam URL Opener

    Steam URL Opener

    Allows you to open URLs inside Steam Client to save the hassle of logging in normal browser (with a single click on a button).

    4,656 ผู้ใช้

  • ProtonDB for Steam

    ProtonDB for Steam

    Shows ratings from on Steam

    3,083 ผู้ใช้

YouTube customization
  • AdBlocker for YouTube™

    AdBlocker for YouTube™

    Remove all annoying ads from YouTube.

    457,796 ผู้ใช้

  • Enhancer for YouTube™

    Enhancer for YouTube™

    ควบคุม YouTube และเพิ่มประสบการณ์การใช้งานของคุณ!

    562,701 ผู้ใช้

  • SponsorBlock - Skip Sponsorships on YouTube

    SponsorBlock - Skip Sponsorships on YouTube

    Easily skip YouTube video sponsors. When you visit a YouTube video, the extension will check the database for reported sponsors and automatically skip known sponsors. You can also report sponsors in videos. Other browsers:

    434,521 ผู้ใช้

  • YouTube NonStop

    YouTube NonStop

    Tired of getting that "Video paused. Continue watching?" confirmation dialog? This extension autoclicks it, so you can listen to your favorite music uninterrupted. Working on YouTube and YouTube Music!

    130,103 ผู้ใช้

“dailymotion” tagged extensions
  • Video DownloadHelper

    Video DownloadHelper

    The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.

    1,959,858 ผู้ใช้

  • Turn Off the Lights

    Turn Off the Lights

    หน้าเว็บจะมืดลง ทำให้คุณสามารถดูวิดีโอได้เสมือนกับดูในโรงภาพยนตร์ ใช้ได้กับ YouTube™️ และเว็บไซต์อื่น ๆ มากมาย

    42,566 ผู้ใช้

  • Download Video and Flash - HD Download

    Download Video and Flash - HD Download

    Download Video and Flash - HD Download is a great download helper tool that lets you download video and Flash games very easily. Download from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more. Download and enjoy! Download now!

    68,360 ผู้ใช้


    All-in-one bookmark manager

    21,419 ผู้ใช้