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  • WOT Services was caught and widely reported for taking whatever information people provided about themselves plus the sort of information about the ISP associated IP address people queried WOT from, regarding the trustworthiness of other Web sites. (Can you say "pernicious hypocrites"?)

    I would suggest that anyone reading reviews of WOT here or elsewhere do a little research about the organization and what they were up to as of 2018, and quite possibly years before and now after they got caught.

    You cannot say you have not been warned, repeatedly. I am merely conveying the same sort of bad news that several others have been posting for many months, and just got tired of seeing all the short, "WOT is wonderful!" reviews that do not even mention much less address the issue of how WOT was doing exactly the sort of thing they purported to be protecting (many not very Internet-savvy) people who went to them for advice on unsafe or unsavory sites lurking behind URLs they knew little about.

    Hint: when any good or service that has been around awhile suddenly starts getting a lot of strong criticism for valid reasons, while any negative comments are constantly diluted by a steady stream of vapid reviews claiming the product is better than sliced bread, cuter than a week-old puppy, and might even bring peace to the world, end poverty, and cure cancer in the near future (OK, I am exaggerating -- a little), why would you trust them any more than you would some strange clown who was wandering around your neighborhood handing out candy to little kids?

  • Web of Anti-Privacy.
  • Very effective.
  • i love it
  • This Add-On is great! It works as I expected it to, it helps anyone know the reputation of a site before they view it which is very useful for preventing downloading of malware/virus etc. I like all features of it and I will continue to use it as it's a useful Add-On for anyone who doesn't want to download malware or viruses.
    Thank you! WOT IS also available on Android and iOS to be 360 safe!
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    Thank you!