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  • Has saved me from malicious websites before
  • I have found WOT to be very helpful in warning me about several unsafe websites. Thanks so much.
    You are very welcome Lani! Now also available on iOS and Android
  • While the service this extension provides is indeed very helpful, the extension itself is in dire need of updating. Right now, it slows down Firefox substantially and hangs it up. I have stopped installing it on client's computers and will not be recommending it until this is remedied.
    We're sorry to hear that! We made several updates and improvements to solve this issue. If you think differently we'll be happy to hear from you via https://support.mywot.com/
  • All the warnings I did receive were all justified and proved to be correct, I was saved many times, I highly recommend. This is specially for the thrust everything minded people.
  • Хорошее расширение, помогает определить заражённые сайты
  • Der vom NDR aufgedeckte Datenskandal »Nackt im Netz« demonstriert, wie Millionen von Internet-Nutzern, darunter Manager, Richter und Journalisten, im Netz ausgespäht wurden. Das Browser-Addon WOT (Web of Trust) hat die gesammelten Surf-Daten nicht ausreichend anonymisiert und dennoch weiterverkauft.
  • Privacy concernes
  • What the hell this extension is warning that Gab network is unsafe???
    https://gab.ai/ is a new place to live without censorship.
    Please, fix and correct your code and/or analysis.
  • Covered in ads, unusable
  • Please deal with best.aliexpress.com issue! I asked AliExpress support team about this subdomain and they said that it is completely safe.Have a nice day!
  • very! very! very! good!