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  • Very easy to use and gives valuable information
  • The principle is really good but the concern, especially on sites dealing with politics, religion or controversial issues, comes from the fact that people write negatively on the basis of the substance and not the form which bias the results. Sites that are quite safe are therefore decked with negative ratings that would suggest a security risk.
    That's why I stopped to use WOT after long time of using it. And yes I remember having trouble with the logging system, maybe a conflict with another privacy/security add-on I use.
    However it could be a good measure of protection but remember to use common sense.
  • Alles gut und einfach!
  • oooookkkkk
  • Помогает
  • Nice
  • thanks
  • Excellent protection from crooked websites. Make sure you pay attention to the WOT warnings.
  • I can login in the original website, but not the extension, I can't stay connected in firefox and chrome, i can't even login on any browser with this add-on, so, it's a big problem for me .
  • its a greath defense
  • Простота в использовании. Полезно лично для меня в плане безопасности, предупреждения о репутации сайтов.
  • <3
  • If you see the RED WOT Circle, go at your own risk, I will predict you will be sorry.
    If The WOT circle is GREEN enjoy!
  • Easy to use, I like what other opinions are on a site before I use it.
  • 之前賣使用者個資給別人 現在又上架啦
  • Очень полезная программа сбора и обработки отзывовов о сайтах! Узнавай мнения других и делись своим!!!
  • Most of the sights I visit there's someones comment.
  • After leaving a candid but respectful and cautious review on an alternative health website, my account was blocked.

    This health website was safe and offered an alternative treatment that helped me. Nothing in my post was abusive and I included a disclaimer at the end of the review in case anyone mistakenly thought I stepped in something. Bang. Account blocked after 5+ years of use.

    Strangely, three negative reviews seething with abusive, foul and specious language were posted against this same health website and its owner. Their accounts were not blocked.

    Could these people be in alliance with pharmaceutical companies? Hmmmm..... That was a question and not a direct attack on WOT, in case their staff are feeling a tad paranoid.

    Not recommended. I feel WOT are not trustworthy, since they seem to monitor their users' activity in real time and they seem to censor ideas that may or may not be perceived as threatening to certain corporations.

    I recommend trusting the reviews found on WOT only if you accept conventional propaganda.