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  • 可以增加鼠标悬停自动打开标签页的功能吗
  • actually got this since "simple tab groups" had instructions on how to link the addon to this, and my god am I glad I checked this out! having gestures right on hand is amazing since you don't have to reach to buttons or the keyboard anymore! (and in the case of simple tab groups I can now cycle through my tab groups without awkwardly going into the addon's menu each time..)
  • I am going to try this and I hope it works well so I can rate it great
  • Un plus, surtout lorsque l'on s'est déjà habitué aux raccourcis gestuels avec la souris. Permet de gagner un peu de temps mais dommage que cela ne soit pas fonctionnel sur toutes les pages de firefox (les options, le gestionnaire de tâches, etc).
  • 非常好用!
  • 不错,功能基本都有。希望增加自动复制鼠标划过的所有链接功能。希望增加停止加载所有标签页功能。
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  • 最新版本Firefox此插件已经失效
  • Do not need to do that is enougth that work for me.