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  • After logging in, the extension still didn't work, it's still asking for me to sign in, it's like it's stuck on that page.
  • This addon no longer works in Firefox. It worked fine for a while then just stoped, and then begged me to become a registered user. Even after registering, rebooting, delete, reboot reinstall it still didn't fix the problem. Their tech support suggested I disable my gmail signature then uninstall reboot install to fix it. Still no good.

    Their Permissions are rather intrusive. Developers are in San Fancisco and the Ukraine. Having this running, assume Russia sees everything you type.
  • This extension is really helpful to find out error in typing.
  • If you are concerned about security STAY AWAY!

    This extension logs everything you type. This includes any on-line banking and shopping, meaning they have a record of all information you type. This includes credit card numbers, SSN's, answers to security questions and so on and so on.

    Every browser comes with spell check anyway.
  • great spelling tool
  • Awesone! But hope the plugin can have a switch to turn off globally, and turn on separately for the websiteds I need. Because I normally use the plugin when I write an email, and I don't want it to check my words and slow down the browser when I navigate among other pages.
  • 1 Star hoping a dev will see. Icon for Gramarly is intrusive and annoying. I cannot access Twitch Emotes with this extension active, please let us whitelist sites or something
  • good