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  • Extremely helpfull Add-on. Helps in any kind of research or just by sorting the 20 tabs you have open. The only thing that is missing, is the option to save tabs with the hirachie. That would be super helpfull, if you want to continue your research later.
  • Could not make it work with tab wheel.
  • This add-on saves my web life. It is the only reason that I use Firefox!
  • Awesome!
  • Dear Piro,
    after Install on Firefox 69.0.2 64 bit it was not possible to start TST. The F1 Key doesnt work and the mentioned TST-Button is not visible although the addon is activated...What to do? Deinstall? Please reconfigure your addon it seems to be very useful. Thank you
  • I have been using this extension for years and I must say it’s the best tab manager I know. There is nothing at the moment on Chrome which works nearly as well as Tree Style Tab does on Firefox (lack of native Sidebar maybe?). Use together in combination with the other addons that extend TST for the best experience and productivity boost!