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  • Hey my brave developer!

    Hate to tell you that SCDL 2.21 is not working on the newest Firefox update (57.0) either. The problem is still the same with deactivated adblocker(Adblocker Ultimate). But I apreciate the idea and it is not harming the system at all. That's what the three stars are for. xD
    I can send you a screenshot of the closest I get to download a track. ;)

    Just b.t.w:
    It is the exact same problem since the first time I installed it, my friend(might be more than a year ago). So it is maybe your AddOn or it could also be your description, that leaves us alone with questions like "Where the hell is it even supposed to be downoaded to?"
    "Will there be a download popUp or sth. like that?".
    I think regarding the past you should think about some screenshots as a "Download-For-Dummies"-Tutorial, for example.
    Enough joking:
    I'm excited for the day on which I will read more than "SCDL currently downloading nothing" as its only true message. Whatever a message of succes might look like. ;)
    hahaha. great review! unfortunately i'm not as active in support as i should be.
    but just now i made new major update. that should fix most common problems like. pup up blocking or newer Firefox versions. the download location is the one set in the firefox preferences.
  • Hey, it might be trivial, but it took me a while, so I'd like to share this piece: when using the FF extension, make sure to add the correct protocol in front of the soundcloud address in the FF popup exceptions. If you're using https to access soundcloud, you'll have to add that in the FF settings - just adding an exception for http://soundcloud.com will not do the trick...
  • i have been searching for quite sometime now for such a thing didn't expect an add on to be this good, my only complain is the file name which has weird numbers but that's nit picking one of my top add ons
  • for a demanding guy like me, that loves having all the artwork showing on my music player ( because it looks so nice, and feels dam good) This app saves me precious time ! doing all that manually is killing me ! So this app is kinda life saver, most of the time.
    It doesnt start download when track is over 1h30 i guess. (here is one exemple : https://soundcloud.com/robot-heart/mira-robot-heart-10-year-anniversary-burning-man-2017 )
    I also manually download when i can get them better than mp3 128kbs
    thanks man (or woman)
  • this extension adds odd number to track name
  • works on 98% of sound cloud tracks, but you have to open the track individually to guarantee it will work. Sometimes when you do this it still doesn't work, which is a shame. No other downloader offers the automatic downloading of metadata though.
  • I use to love this add on, but lately due to the server issues i cant download anything. Since you updated everything I still cant download stuff...
  • Really nice AddOn, love the meta data thing, easy and uncomplicated to use, normally without Problems, but especially for long songs (1h or more) its not working sometimes :/ [e.g. i would love to download that song https://soundcloud.com/falscherhase/falscher-hase-at-odonien-2017# but its apparently not possible]
  • Usually, this addon is excellent. It usually does exactly what it says on the tin. Ignore all the recent 'not working' reviews, the servers are down at the moment.
  • Was a great Add-On for a long time, but lately, it hasn't been working. =(
    hi. sorry to hear that.
    could you provide me some links that its not working on.
    or is it not working in general?
    i had some problems as well on an other computer i don't use often. but it turned out that my firefox was not up to date. when the plugin and firefox are up to date it should work on windows or osx.
  • No funciona, no hace nada
    hi. sorry to hear that.
    could you provide me some links that its not working on.
    or is it not working in general?
    i had some problems as well on an other computer i don't use often. but it turned out that my firefox was not up to date. when the plugin and firefox are up to date it should work on windows or osx.
  • I can see the SCDL button but on click nothing happens here:

    I'm on Firefox 52.0.2 (x32) with SCDL 2.21
    Popups in Firefox settings allowed.
    NoScript disabled.
    uOrigin disabled.
    give it 1-2 min if its a long mix. i just tested it and it works fine with the versions you mentioned.
    if you add an exception for soundcloud.com in the pop up settings
    or disable other extensions that might interfere.
  • It doesn't work... the download window is there but... when i click download, it does nothing :0
    I tried:
    And your Samples but nothing happend... send help lol
    you might have to allow pop ups.
    and the link you provide is a "set" link
    unfortunately the downloader can not download an entire set at once.
    but you will see that if you open the tracks listed by clicking on the name of the track. you will be able to download them.
    i just tried it this very moment and it worked.
  • with latest update at time of writing
  • Well it used to work. I don't know how to get in touch with this guy. It sends me to a site that says my IP. I will still give it 5 though because it was really great.
  • Leider komplett Nutzlos weil die Musik zu stark komprimiert wird. 320 bit wäre da angebrachter.
  • This is cool..
    Work Perfectly on Firefox 50.1.0

  • Works perfectly quick simple and easy to use. Full tags and album art doesn't get better than this. If it's not working for you then YOU! are doing it wrong. Too quick to give a bad review before making sure it's not on the user side where the problem is.
  • Works perfectly in Firefox 51. The metadata and album art additions were a very, very welcome surprise!
  • Just like lemonstar, I couldn't get this to work at all. Same "error" message. I sent e-mail to the address the developer gave and it was immediately BOUNCED. Undeliverable. So only 1-star. Much easier (and working) add-ons available. This one was removed.
  • I'm sure it must work (for some users in certain situations with certain setups) but after updating my browser to the latest version of FF (as advised by the developer) it did not work - kept getting an "error getting file from soundcloud" dialog box popping up. I did ask for help again by email but got no reply so i have to give it a 1 star review.
  • werkt heel goed 10/10