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  • Worked for a few months but stopped working yesterday. I tried all the suggestions in the description.
  • it just works so easy!
  • Works great, until May 9th or so. FireFox updated to 60.0 and now SCDL doesn't work anymore. The buttons do nothing. I've restarted firefox, removed SCDL from firefox, re-added SCDL and it worked until I closed the soundcloud tab or refreshed it. My UBlock never ever affected SCDL, so that can't be it. I even disabled UBlock with the page open. Still doesn't work. Please update your app. Thanks.
  • This addon is great - thanks! I love "GET ALL TRACKS" button.

    It would be even better, if it could give user the permission to decide where to download ;) And if user could choose pattern/prefix of filename (in my case - not only track name, but also artist, and then trackname), it would be even greater, but hey - can't have everything :D

    Thanks once more, great work!
  • it runs smoothly and perfectly downloading track and thumbnail at the same time without asking for further details, does the job correctly as you expect it to be done.
  • Doesn't work on 60.0b13 (64-bit), addon buttons do nothing.
    I did restart the browser after install, and added the exception for the popup.
    Also, the instructions on adding the exception are wrong, the page referenced by the addon author no loner exists, and probably for the very long time by now.
  • "Before leaving a shitty rating... maybe you're doing something wrong.."
    Click Install
    Restart Browser
    Click SCDL button that is now on the tracks page
    Nothing happens.
    Right-Click the SCDL button
    Nothing happens.
  • Firefox 53.0 didn't work, fake extension
  • That "GET ALL TRACKS" upper button... changed my life, thank you !!
  • It kind of works in a very clunky way, though has a really annoying, ugly orange banner at the top of the page with no option to switch it off. You click on a link and after a very long delay it pops up with a save dialog - often doesn't. There are better options that just add a download button that instantly starts a download.
  • Doesn't work. [Firefox Nightly]
  • kool app
  • The issues I have had with this is a MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT TO MY HAPPY HEART! Yes that’s right, I really like it.
  • May be improved but it works really well, I like it
  • This addon contains a coinhive bitcoin miner.
    it HAD for 12h. but does NOT anymore.
  • Grabs the metadata and artwork--amazing.
  • Ultimate way
  • I wish this add on would give you the option to select what audio format you want and also what bit rate. Some players don't always do well with just mp3.