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  • Bettet sich direkt in die Seite ein. An jedem Stück erscheint ein Download - Button. Nach Drücken des Buttons lädt es das Musikstück im Hintergrund herunter und zeigt das "Speichern unter" - Fenster nach Abschluss des Downloads an.
    Sehr gut realisiert - vielen Dank!
  • its as advertised ..thats all i want
  • It can be tricky to get working it definitely has its issues but it does what it needs to
  • با idm سازگار نیست!!
    لینک دانلود رو با کندی نمایش میده
  • Не работает.
  • it worked once, it had in the middle of the screen a orange thing that said "download all" clicked it and downloaded all the 20smth tracks at once. thank you

    but then i tried it again, the little button is gone the "SCDL" buttons are still there by each track the DO work for individual DLs but the top right one to to DL all the tracks DOES NOT work.

    is there a DL limit built in somewhere.

    tried removing and installing the plug in, browser restart, never had the same result as the first time i tired it... hum.
  • Wish we could get 192kbps - but I'll take it. AWESOME APP DUDE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • работает)
  • Супер! Все работает! Иногда это единственный способ получить нужный тебе трек в хорошем качестве...
  • I love fabbulus
  • its work.
  • its usefull..but u compromised the quality of audio..why i can't download it in 320 kbps..?