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  • Thank you so much! I have been looking for something that keeps the metadata
  • Ausgezeichnet! Und Überraschend schnell !:))
  • works after install. but after first use stops working. need to disable/enable plugin to make it work again.
  • I needed this to back up my own tracks (which SC doesn't allow you to do easily) so that I could clear out a lot of old stuff I don't have the raw files for any more.
  • Very usefull. Worked as expected. Nice!
  • clicking on the button does .... nothing. useless.
  • fetches cover too!!
  • Couldn't be better! if only one of the extensions for youtube worked like this, no linktrough to another site but a direct download!
  • works like it says, thanks!
  • Bettet sich direkt in die Seite ein. An jedem Stück erscheint ein Download - Button. Nach Drücken des Buttons lädt es das Musikstück im Hintergrund herunter und zeigt das "Speichern unter" - Fenster nach Abschluss des Downloads an.
    Sehr gut realisiert - vielen Dank!
  • its as advertised ..thats all i want