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  • This is cool..
    Work Perfectly on Firefox 50.1.0

  • Works perfectly quick simple and easy to use. Full tags and album art doesn't get better than this. If it's not working for you then YOU! are doing it wrong. Too quick to give a bad review before making sure it's not on the user side where the problem is.
  • Works perfectly in Firefox 51. The metadata and album art additions were a very, very welcome surprise!
  • Just like lemonstar, I couldn't get this to work at all. Same "error" message. I sent e-mail to the address the developer gave and it was immediately BOUNCED. Undeliverable. So only 1-star. Much easier (and working) add-ons available. This one was removed.
  • I'm sure it must work (for some users in certain situations with certain setups) but after updating my browser to the latest version of FF (as advised by the developer) it did not work - kept getting an "error getting file from soundcloud" dialog box popping up. I did ask for help again by email but got no reply so i have to give it a 1 star review.
  • werkt heel goed 10/10
  • Easy to use and actually works, as opposed to other add-ons promising the same atm. However quality of the downloads is average, there doesn't seem to be an option to download a better quality version of a song.
  • Easy to use, handy addon. I recommend it.
  • I can only download one song at a time, it sees. Sometimes, the download doesn't start and I don't know what to do about it.
  • You can see the difference on freely available tracks, sometimes the official way gives you a 320kbps file. This addon always give you a lesser quality file. Come on, 50Mb for a one hour DJ mix => no way.
  • Great add-on.
  • The button does not work. The addon does not work.
  • Does not grab the hi-res file. Nice though.
  • Качает! Спасибо
  • Супер!
  • Only shows a comment that it has a problem getting the file from Soundcloud or show an error message "not a valid SC URL"
  • Seems to be working great!
  • nice !
  • No website pop-ups, and no work required. Just goto your song url and the download button will be there. Latest review and reporting that it is working perfectly :D Thanks devs ;)
  • need update
  • I know I did write a previous review but because the dev was able to fix the issue we had quite promptly just wanted to thank you so much for doing and continue supporting this addon. :)
  • Not working anymore.
    So great addon, by the way. Keep up the good work.
    all fixed. the new version (1.9) is being approved by mozilla.
  • After recent update from soundcloud SDLC is not working. The "Station" button hide the "SDLC" button. Please fix it. It's the best add-on I've ever used to download music.
  • Soundcloud user must download the ext.
  • Great!