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  • 每次开机打开浏览器都会弹出主页窗口。很烦。
    Each time I open my computer and browser,it'll open the HOME window.So unhappy.
    Hi, sorry about that, this is something we are currently looking into. Feel free to email us at support@ghostery.com so we can further assist.
  • I use Ghostery and today my CCleaner Pro found more than 80 trackers after a scan. Is Ghostery still working?
    Hey there, would you mind sending an email to support@ghostery.com so we can assist further? Thanks!
  • cool
  • This Ghostery extension disfigures *every* web page for 10 seconds with a bright purple display in the lower right corner of the web page showing all the trackers it has blocked.
    Yes, bright purple junk added to *every* web page for 10 seconds.
    Highly distracting and unacceptable for any extension to add spam to web pages.

    This extension *must* be changed (in order to not consider it being spam itself) to have an option to allow not showing that purple non-static (hence distracting) spam for 10 seconds on every web page.

    Obviously I am uninstalling this spamware now, after incorrectly blaming the problem on the newest version 69 of Firefox (which btw actually recommended this Ghostery extension).
    This setting can be disabled by clicking the Ghostery icon > click the three stacked dots > click "settings" > click "purple box" > uncheck the box that says "show the purple box in the corner of my browser". Please reach out to us via email to support@ghostery.com if you have any questions.