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  • good
  • The computer version works perfectly.
    for mobile it works well except when have come back on the previous page, ads appear.
  • Can't logon to their site after manually typing my E-Mail and Password multiple times
    Hi there, you can try resetting your password with the "forgot password" link, or, email us at support@ghostery.com so we can further assist, Thanks!
  • EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING APP!!! It will not save your settings on a particular site and is constantly blocking items that have been whitelisted. I've gone in and reset the approvals and on reloading the page, ghostery reverts to it's original settings and I'm right back where I've started. I just shut it off completely.
    Hey, sorry about that, would you mind sending an email to support@ghostery.com so we can look into this further? Thanks!
  • espectacular extensión !
  • d
  • 🤑😃😃
  • 私は複数の広告をブロックする拡張機能は使っているが 確かに広告はブロックされるのだが ウェブページが 正常に表示されない時があるのは この広告ブロックのせいだろうか 詳しくないのでわからないが それ以外でも 広告をブロックしてくれない時がある 機能改善をお願いします
  • Wszystko działa jak trzeba