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  • Could u kindly tell me when will new version is ready? I love this tool but I really need the function "export to python/java"

    Thx for your reply. I try IDE 3 for a while, I really love the way of recording and running, but I don't like the interactive and the user experience,everytime I run IDE 3, I have to 1.select new/run/close(if i want to close IDE why I open it?), 2.make a project name and 3url, sometimes I just want to debug or have a little test, it's a little complicated to me.
    by the way, i want to know why the old version IDE has the "export" function, but U have to rewrite the function in new version? Thx u again
    Code export is a high priority for us. We'll be starting work on it soon.
  • Love the polished UI, works perfect for recording and replaying
  • Total disappointment...The following are missing
    * No extension to user's javascript
    * No export to C# or another code
    * Not right click on webpage to add Selenium command
    * Not compatible to old Selenium script
    Extensions are available they'll have to be ported to the new format https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/wiki/Getting-Started-with-Plugins.
    We do not have code export at the moment but are working on https://www.npmjs.com/package/selenium-side-runner.
    Right click definitely works! make sure you are recording prior to using it.
    And we are backwards compatible, just load the old scripts up.
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  • Still buggy, but i'd love to help fixing them
  • useful autotesting tool
  • qqqqqq
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  • i can'd find export to webdriver/python3 button
  • good
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