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  • Really love the ability to always open links in a new tabs without using the right-click context menu. But then again, this extension won't allow me to set it back to normal. I tried changing the extension's settings under Options to Firefox default, still to no avail. I even tried uninstalling. The changes this extension made to my Firefox were still in effect. Can't get it to stop! This seems to have permanently altered my Firefox 57, 64-bit desktop version. That's bad, really bad.
  • Thank you!
  • Perfect!
  • Good Work!!! But i have a question: can you implement "single window mode" like Tabmix Plus??? Best Regards and sorry for my English.
  • Doesn't seem to do much right now.
    Open link to different site on tab works, but that's what most pages do already.
    Open all links on tabs puts the new tab on a new window, not on the original. Sites that ignore normal ctrl+tab (middle click) like Pinterest, Yahoo still get ignored. As another reviewer said, we would like ALL links on new tabs (not windows).
    If you can change the new windows to new tabs, this would be very useful.

    Thanks for your efforts!!!
  • Love this extension. Please make it available on the Android platform too!
  • This is a great and very useful add-on! Thank you to the author!

    This add-on was inspired by the Piro's (piro_or) add-on.
    However at Piro's add-on, the option "open everything in new tab"... it really means that!
    With this option on, for example at facebook.com even new notifications or messages, everything will open in new tab.
    Sadly, this is not happening with this add-on.

    To the author, please, add Piro's add-on behavior, allowing to open everything in page, as a new tab. If is on the option "everything in new tab", then everything must open in new tab.

    Thank you!
  • I'm a tab girl, so I can bop back and forth between screens and not lose the page I was just on. This works exactly like I want to have everything right in front of me! THANK YOU!
  • Works perfectly, as best I can tell from one evening's experience. A huge improvement over Firefox's native tabbing. Thank you very much.
  • Ctrl + click on bookmark / link opens new tab.
    A-ha! I discovered this quite by accident when it didn't do anything upon clicking on a link and mis-timed a keystroke!
    And so... it works a charm now.
  • Works well. If using FF57 and you want to open bookmarks in new tab you don't need an addon. You just go to about:config and turn browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs to true
  • Totally Not work for me, dunno why, hope the updates can fix it.
  • As many users I would like to have the feature to open bookmarks/url bar/ in a new tab. I used tab mix plus until FF57 arrived and the possibilities to decide what is opened in a new tab was my favorite feature.

    This one is very good start, 5 stars when the above options are given.
  • 1. Doesn't open Bookmarks in new tab
    2. Doesn't open some links within a domain in new tab even though I set it (in options) to open ALL LINKS in new tabs

    In other words, it doesn't work and I'm looking for an alternative plugin.
  • I wont to new tab from bookmark bar.
    this addonn can't open new tab from bookmarks.
  • works great with all links, thanks!
  • I'd like to add my voice too....that this extension won't truly be the best until a bookmark will also open in a new tab. Please add it! Otherwise, thank you very much, its great so far.
  • If possible please add open new URLs entered in location bar into new tab without holding down any other keys/mouse buttons
  • please make bookmarks open in new tab
  • Like many have requested, why can't this be setup to also work with URL and bookmark links? Having a URL link open in the present tab, which is already occupied with a page that I still need, is really annoying.

    I will revisit my # of stars should this essential aspect be added.
  • Great to have this functionality in FF 57! Thank you. Works as expected. One request, and I don't know how difficult it is, would be to have links from the urlbar open in a new tab with a different shortcut, or by default. Can't figure out how to do that!!
  • Does exactly what it needs to do
  • It does what it is supposed to, most of the time.
    I had an issue with trying to log out of google. It kept opening a new tab when I clicked Sign Out, leaving the old tab still logged in.

    I would also love to have an option to open new tabs on the right of all other tabs.

    I'm very happy that someone has given us a semi-replacement for a Tab Mix Plus (RIP) feature.
  • Works well, except for Duck-Duck-Go, where clicking a search result link replaces the results page rather than opening a new tab.
    Only page like that I've found so far.