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  • Works perfectly, as best I can tell from one evening's experience. A huge improvement over Firefox's native tabbing. Thank you very much.
  • Ctrl + click on bookmark / link opens new tab.
    A-ha! I discovered this quite by accident when it didn't do anything upon clicking on a link and mis-timed a keystroke!
    And so... it works a charm now.
  • Works well. If using FF57 and you want to open bookmarks in new tab you don't need an addon. You just go to about:config and turn browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs to true
  • Totally Not work for me, dunno why, hope the updates can fix it.
  • As many users I would like to have the feature to open bookmarks/url bar/ in a new tab. I used tab mix plus until FF57 arrived and the possibilities to decide what is opened in a new tab was my favorite feature.

    This one is very good start, 5 stars when the above options are given.
  • 1. Doesn't open Bookmarks in new tab
    2. Doesn't open some links within a domain in new tab even though I set it (in options) to open ALL LINKS in new tabs

    In other words, it doesn't work and I'm looking for an alternative plugin.
  • I wont to new tab from bookmark bar.
    this addonn can't open new tab from bookmarks.
  • works great with all links, thanks!
  • I'd like to add my voice too....that this extension won't truly be the best until a bookmark will also open in a new tab. Please add it! Otherwise, thank you very much, its great so far.
  • If possible please add open new URLs entered in location bar into new tab without holding down any other keys/mouse buttons
  • please make bookmarks open in new tab
  • Like many have requested, why can't this be setup to also work with URL and bookmark links? Having a URL link open in the present tab, which is already occupied with a page that I still need, is really annoying.

    I will revisit my # of stars should this essential aspect be added.
  • Great to have this functionality in FF 57! Thank you. Works as expected. One request, and I don't know how difficult it is, would be to have links from the urlbar open in a new tab with a different shortcut, or by default. Can't figure out how to do that!!
  • Does exactly what it needs to do
  • It does what it is supposed to, most of the time.
    I had an issue with trying to log out of google. It kept opening a new tab when I clicked Sign Out, leaving the old tab still logged in.

    I would also love to have an option to open new tabs on the right of all other tabs.

    I'm very happy that someone has given us a semi-replacement for a Tab Mix Plus (RIP) feature.
  • Works well, except for Duck-Duck-Go, where clicking a search result link replaces the results page rather than opening a new tab.
    Only page like that I've found so far.
  • TreeStyleTabと同時に使った時、新しく開かれたタブが"子タブの階層の一番上"に作られます
  • Nice and usefull idea, but it should although be possible to configure it, that links opened from Bookmarks (e.g. sidebar) although opend in new tab
  • Works well. Would it be possible to add another option: "Open new tab in background"? Such that when I click on a link, the tab opens in background and I have to click on the new tab first to switch focus from current tab to new the tab?
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  • This addon does exactly what it says it does. It open links in new tabs. Not bookmarks - there's a preference for that (set browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs to true; you may need to create it as a new Boolean setting if it doesn't already exist). Not searches - there's a preference for that too (browser.search.openintab - also set it to true). Just links.

    Like many others I do wish it would open addresses typed into the address bar in a new tab, and it would be wonderful of the developer could do that, but it's unfair to give him a low rating for not doing something the addon is neither designed no claimed to do. So, I give it five stars, because it is working exactly as it's supposed to for me in Firefox 57.
  • Helps restore tab control available in legacy Firefox
  • 必須機能です。新Firefox対応版非常にありがたいです。