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  • good extension !
  • The about:config setting below did it! If we keep getting these addons, TMP will be history soon (if it isn't already).
  • Works for most pages except pages with a log out button, where a blank tab opens and the logout dosen't happen. perhaps a shift key function that lets the page open in the same tab.
  • Thank you for making this. It works well so far. I have been using Piro's new tab add-ons and was getting concerned that there would not be a replacement.

    Hopefully you can add the new tab feature for Search and Bookmarks. Once those have replacements I will have no more legacy add-ons. :D

    Thank you!
  • 異なるリンクに関して、とことんリンクを開いてしまう為に煩わしい部分が発生する。

  • I am in Win10 with FF 56 and it runs smooth.
    Pretty good having saved such a simple and useful feature.
    Thank you!
  • Replaces a very useful feature from TMP on FF57+
  • I would also have dumped firefox if I did not stumpled upon this great addon. In FF57 you can open bookmarks in new tabs by setting "browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs" to true in about:config.

    Could you please update your addon by allowing the option to open urls in address bar in NEW TAB? Please !!
  • I would have dumped FF without this addon. ;) Thank you very much!

    Is it maybe possible to add an option to open bookmarks in new tabs aswell?
  • ThankYouThankYouThankYou sienori!

    I've been looking for a FF57+ Ext. like this and yours was the first!