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  • Works perfect. Another great TMP replacement tool.
  • 直接简洁地解决痛点
  • I have problems with google and gmail for beginning .. gmail is opening too many carts, and is even hard to logout. there should be option "exclude" domains or similar functionality. Will tell you more soon.
  • does the ad-don do more than switching : about:config?filter=browser.tabs.LoadBookmarksInTabs : from false to true !?
  • It didn't work when it was first installed.
    Changed settings in Options: Tabs - 'Open new window in new tab instead'
    Changed settings in the Add-on Manager in Open link in tab to: 'Open link to a different site on tab'
    I have no idea why this works, it was by trial an error to get these settings.
  • Does not work with javascript links. It just gives you a blank tab.
  • It doesn't work. Just hijacks the current tab, hence the same as the normal firefox behaviour. Hence it's existence is pointless.
  • For those who want bookmarks to open in tabs, change this in about:config
    browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs True
    I also change this:
    browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurent False
  • Works good! Is there a way to make bookmarks open in a new tab as well ?
  • Thanks for this. Trying to reclaim as much functionality as possible from the now-defunct TabMixPlus, and this goes a long way. Would it be possible to also make it launch a new tab when I open an item from an RSS feed?
  • Really love the ability to always open links in a new tabs without using the right-click context menu. But then again, this extension won't allow me to set it back to normal. I tried changing the extension's settings under Options to Firefox default, still to no avail. I even tried uninstalling. The changes this extension made to my Firefox were still in effect. Can't get it to stop! This seems to have permanently altered my Firefox 57, 64-bit desktop version. That's bad, really bad.
  • Thank you!
  • Perfect!
  • Good Work!!! But i have a question: can you implement "single window mode" like Tabmix Plus??? Best Regards and sorry for my English.
  • Doesn't seem to do much right now.
    Open link to different site on tab works, but that's what most pages do already.
    Open all links on tabs puts the new tab on a new window, not on the original. Sites that ignore normal ctrl+tab (middle click) like Pinterest, Yahoo still get ignored. As another reviewer said, we would like ALL links on new tabs (not windows).
    If you can change the new windows to new tabs, this would be very useful.

    Thanks for your efforts!!!
  • Love this extension. Please make it available on the Android platform too!
  • This is a great and very useful add-on! Thank you to the author!

    This add-on was inspired by the Piro's (piro_or) add-on.
    However at Piro's add-on, the option "open everything in new tab"... it really means that!
    With this option on, for example at facebook.com even new notifications or messages, everything will open in new tab.
    Sadly, this is not happening with this add-on.

    To the author, please, add Piro's add-on behavior, allowing to open everything in page, as a new tab. If is on the option "everything in new tab", then everything must open in new tab.

    Thank you!
  • I'm a tab girl, so I can bop back and forth between screens and not lose the page I was just on. This works exactly like I want to have everything right in front of me! THANK YOU!