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  • TreeStyleTabと同時に使った時、新しく開かれたタブが"子タブの階層の一番上"に作られます
  • Nice and usefull idea, but it should although be possible to configure it, that links opened from Bookmarks (e.g. sidebar) although opend in new tab
  • Works well. Would it be possible to add another option: "Open new tab in background"? Such that when I click on a link, the tab opens in background and I have to click on the new tab first to switch focus from current tab to new the tab?
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  • This addon does exactly what it says it does. It open links in new tabs. Not bookmarks - there's a preference for that (set browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs to true; you may need to create it as a new Boolean setting if it doesn't already exist). Not searches - there's a preference for that too (browser.search.openintab - also set it to true). Just links.

    Like many others I do wish it would open addresses typed into the address bar in a new tab, and it would be wonderful of the developer could do that, but it's unfair to give him a low rating for not doing something the addon is neither designed no claimed to do. So, I give it five stars, because it is working exactly as it's supposed to for me in Firefox 57.
  • Helps restore tab control available in legacy Firefox
  • 必須機能です。新Firefox対応版非常にありがたいです。
  • シンプルながらも 必要度の高い機能です。作者さんが日本人なので 表題、説明が分かりやすくて良いですね
  • about:configでブックマークメニューから新しいタブで開くようにはしていたのですが、ページ文中のリンクからも新しいタブで開くように設定できるようになったので便利です。
  • TabMixPlusはこの機能のためにつかってたようなものです。本当にありがとうございました。
  • Funciona muy bien. Como antes de Quantum
  • Not perfect in recognizing links to "different sites"; e.g. clicking a link on 'my.ebay.de' to 'www.ebay.de' opens in a new tab. Also links from http to https are treated as "different sites".
  • 他のサイトへのリンクを新しいタブで開きたかったのでお目当ての機能でした。
  • The extension works as expected. I read all of the other reviews first, so wasn't sure whether it would work. I restarted Firefox (57) and clicked various links and everything opened in a new tab for me. Thank you! :D
  • This is a good start. Note exactly what this does: it opens new domain websites in a new tab from links in web pages. And it does so only after you turn it on from its Options. No, it doesn't open in new tabs from bookmarks or search or the URL bar, but let's give this guy some slack and be thankful for what it gives us, who've lost things like TMP. Hopefully he can make some more improvements and add those things.
  • Needs options to
    1. open new tab from URL address bar
    2. open search link in new tab

    I wouldn't mind if there were an option for all new tabs to go to the right or left, but what is there now is great and better than default.

    Almost a good replacement for Tab Mix Plus. Will give 5 stars if you can add these options.

    If you're having trouble with your bookmarks, scroll through the reviews and google how to do about:config with this info: "browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs" to true in about:config. Worked for me and I'm not very technical, I just loved Tab Mix Plus and hate not having it now.
  • Working for me after a Firefox restart. Thanks to this and the about:config edit that opens a new tab for bookmarks I have two of three key things I used to use TabmixPlus for - just need one so that it opens a new tab from the address bar and I'll be golden.
  • バックグラウンドでリンクを開けるよう追加設定が欲しい、お願い致します。
  • Seems to work in nightly 59, thanks, was a great feature in tab mix plus,
    also would be nice to add option: open bookmarks in new tabs by setting "browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs" to true in about:config.
  • Now seems to be working, but can you make it so that links in the bookmark menu and address bar open in new links?
  • Great extension.

    There is one minor problem in some pages where a button does not link to another page: It opens a blank page.

    Like Google Search by Image, every click to the page controls, it opens a new blank tab.