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  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • Finally found something that replaces Lazarus completely for me. Textarea Cache didn't have dropdown list history, this one does.
  • the developer spent many hours to bring the addon back to life and make it compatible with the new FF platform. the result is an extension that works even better than the old one. i'm happy it's back.
    as for the user "RmichaelR", the old version was very complicated and extremely outdated. keep in mind that FF 57 no longer allows installation of addons that use the old API.
  • 1. Make it user friendly like Lazarus was: The most common use is to recover comments from boxes that didn't upload. But you have to find the selection in the middle of a long list of choices, which then opens another menu list.
    2. Slow? My Firefox v.57 is running much slower since the last version upgrade. I disabled Form History Control and it's running much faster. Maybe it's related to something else when I had to close and reopen Firefox, but right now my problems are over except for finding a new replacement for Firefox
    Have you tried the latest webextension enabled version? It should resolve all your problems.
  • A bit complicated to use, but a real life saver of a program
    Thank you for your review.

    I m happy to announce that the upcoming new version will be a lot simpler and easier to use.
  • This addons saved me a lot of times !
    Do you plan to use WebExtensions in a future release?
    Yes, I am developing a new WebExtension based version. Please be patient because it needs a complete rewrite so it is a lot of work.
  • Must admit I did not use this addon much until now, so this is more of a question than a review.

    I just installed because I hoped there would be a solution for the following.
    Many sites share the same field names in their forms - of course. And while sometimes it is good to find all "email" adresses entered elsewhere for new input, there are also fields like "login" or "username" where you really would prefer to only have those available used with this one site previously - mostly the one-and-only login of the site (not pick i out of lots of logins of other sites).

    Did I miss this somewhere in the settings, or is it not possible currently? Could it be added?

    About your answer (Thanks): where "at the bottom"? In settings, Tab Display (German localization, so I translate back), there is the second checkbox from above: "standard display option is 'only current page'"
    Using this (probably tried that before) did not change anything: all values used on any page for a certain input-name are still shown at all of the pages as input values.

    About your second answer - seen at July 31: there seem to be quite some misunderstandings (on my side, but..) - I was not even aware of that "main window" (not sure if after installation months ago I was): it is not in the Firefox menu by default, needs to be put there by adjusting FF-menu, now put it in toolbar. Otherwise only in old-style menu (that shows up pressing Alt) under Extras.
    And then yes, I can set that checkbox. Which means, that there is every value for every input-name found on the page. But not only the ones for the current website/host. There are listed a lot of values of all the different hosts that have such a field (same input-name). Yes, I can filter that there for the certain domain. But then for other pages the filter is active too it seems. If I read "only current page", I would understand that in the way that only values previously used for the current page's host are presented.
    But most of all - I always spoke of the little value-choose-window that FF itself opens directly below the input field. I thought this plugin could filter the values presented therein. If this plugin can only be used with its own window, it is not what I searched for. My only wish is to have the FF selection of values presented for some "login" or "username" field filtered to the values used at that particular site I want to log-in. Seems quite obvious to me, but probably cannot be done with this plugin then. (Thanks for reading)
    The main window displaying all formhistory entries has a checkbox named "Show only current page" ("Nur aktuelle Seite anzeigen") which will do exactly what you need. The preference setting you are referring to will actually check this option by default.

    Alternatively you can also use the Advanced search option in the same window and enter the domain of the site you wish to filter.
  • On a daily basis I need a simple form recovery which precisely identifies the same form and previous data entries.

    I have to admit, for that I've chosen Lazarus, as FHC fails in many cases to simply fill-up same form again.

    Nevertheless, FHC has all the features Lazarus doesn't provide - access any time for data without presence of original form.

    4 of 5, although the work done and commitment of author deserves a 5.
  • Given the private nature of most of the information collected, it may be worthwhile to offer the possibility (not the obligation) to protect the access of this extension with a password. Thank you anyway for this extension!
  • I love being able to clean up pesky auto-fills that I used once but never use again without having to clear all of the auto-fills that I use on a regular basis - don't know why FF didn't provide this option in the first place!
  • ... waiting for a multiprocess compatible extension fot the 5th star :) .
    WebExt version (2.0.0) is available since 12 nov. 2017.
  • It would be wonderful to have an editable field in the grid for a label or little comment. THANKS FOR YOUR JOB.
  • Regarding:
    "by AKAPON on February 26, 2017
    This addon will be ported to webextensions?

    by Stephan Mahieu (Developer) on February 26, 2017·
    Yes, I am happy to say that work on porting this extension to e10s and webextensions has been started."

    Thank you SO MUCH Stephan.
    I was afraid you'd decide to no longer support it, like so many Add-on developers are considering or intending. Form History Control is one of my favourite add-ons and has saved me SO MANY TIMES when Firefox crashed or I accidentally closed the wrong tab or firefox itself.
    Form History Control is wonderful and IMHO its a "must have" Add-on.
    Thank you for the positive feedback, reactions like this give me the motivation to keep maintaining and improving this add-on.
  • This addon will be ported to webextensions?
    Yes, I am happy to say that work on porting this extension to e10s and webextensions has been started.

    [edit] WebExt version (2.0.0) is available since 12 nov. 2017.
  • Excellent tool!
  • I don't know why this is not included in Firefox by default. I really love this addon!! It increase my productivity while submitting lot of data with my web application. I hope the developer always updating this beast because no other comparable addon even with other browser.
  • into the ether. Stephan Mahieu's Form History Control is, as others have said, _indispensable_. There you are, composing a post at someone's forum. But you're taking too much time. Or the phone rang and (horrors!) you've been talking. Or perhaps the pizza arrived and the intoxicating aroma of pepperoni overwhelmed you so much that you booked on over to your widescreen, popped a movie in, and began eating. Return to that forum 5-minutes later . . . or 5 DAYS later, Form History Control has your ENTIRE post, even its revisions!! Do _nothing_: If you've been typing, FHC has your back, operating quietly in the background. I can't recommend this Addon highly enough.
  • Very useful add-on. Working great.
  • Best add-on ever!
  • Absolutely brilliant and indispensable. I'm using FF since the early days and I can't understand how could I live without this jewel for so long.