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  • The "Undo arrow" becomes nearly invisible when using a darker Firefox skins. Could you fix this (or at least allow the user to choose a different color for the Undo arrow button) ? Other than that this is the extension I've been looking for in quite a long time.

    P.S.: I also wished that the drop-down panel could look a little smoother and slicker than it does but that's up to the dev to tweak that or not.
  • Using almost 2 years UCTB and still works fine for me "thumbs up"
  • Все бы хорошо. Но что за ограничение в 25 закрытых вкладок? Хочется, как в других расширениях, побольше
  • Description says that it adds a list of closed tabs to the context menu, but it doesn't. Really want the list in the context menu, don't care about the toolbar.
  • The best Undo Close Tab extension!
  • The only proper undo closed tabs we have for Firefox Quantum. Best alternative to "Undo Closed Tabs Button" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/undo-closed-tabs-button/).

    PS: please update the screenshot. This addon now has "forget closed tabs" option. Also please remove the option (or add an option to hide the "Clear History" in the menu. This menu item is unrelated to the function of the addon).
  • Best Undo button ever! Has the history of closed tabs!
  • An extremely useful and much-needed addon, especially since Tab Mix Plus stopped working in Firefox 57. However, Undo Closed Tabs appears to have stopped working in Firefox 62. Submitted new issue on GitHub page; waiting to see if developer gets back to me.
  • Yes, it shows some closed tabs ...
    But only the last ten - although put it up to the maximum setting (which is 25).
    And why is it limited to 25?
  • The tabs closed in private windows can be restored on normal windows.
    Is this intended behaviour ?
    (Win 10, Firefox 60.0.1 64bit)
  • Allows to choose which closed tab to open.
  • Best, 편리하고 추천합니다. Google Chrome의 Undo closed tabs 같은 애드온입니다.
    다만, 닫은 탭이 몇 시긴 전에, 몇 분 전에 닫은 탭인지 안 나오는 것은 아쉽네요.
  • 아주 편리합니다
  • Works nicely, thanks! I would suggest enhancing the Forget Closed Tabs option - enabling right-clicking the specific closed tab to delete it from the list would be perfect!
  • Always says nothing to restore, even after closing tabs
  • 1. Does not show all recently closed tabs, standart history list and subject addon menu are too different.
    2. Sometimes click on the item restores another recently closed tab.
  • not working in Android
  • Thanks for this addon! There are a couple of issues, though. Closed Google web page tabs do not show icon or description, why? Also it would be nice to have right click actions on the closed tab list such as deleting the closed tab. The right click simply loads the closed tab, same as with the left click...thanks again...and the Clear History could be removed from the context menu and added to right click.
  • Thank you, it works perfect!
  • I propose an enhancement suggestion:
    In the context menu, there is the "dangerous" "Clear History" item.
    Last time, I wanted to click on "Forget Closed Tabs" but my mouse slipped a little bit and it clicked on "Clear History"... I lost all my browsing history...
    In order to avoid this irreversible action, would it be possible to have an option in the addon settings which could remove the item in the context menu? By default, you may put the item in the context menu, but it would be so great if we could have the choice to remove it!!!