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  • Definitely supplies a missing niche with TMP's demise; however, the CSS styling is incomplete (color property not set) so depending on your userContent.css, it may be unreadable/unusable. (Insult to injury: the author's bug-reporting site errors when submitting bugs)
  • Can you please update this add-on that i thas the same features as the non web extension version?
  • Hi there,
    In search of FF57 compatible addon I've picked on this one as the most promising.
    However I have some suggestions about styling.
    Currently the styling of the menu items is a bit off comparing to default one (library entries).
    Is it possible to update this to become a perfect match with a browser?
    Maybe this will help.
    Also an update to button would be neat
  • "Click the image one time to undo the last closed tab. Three times to open the last three closed tabs and so on"

    It doesn't work that way, when i click once i get the context menu.
    Also the font and icons are weird. Here is how it looks in the advertised picture and how it looks in mine: http://i.imgur.com/XzJT1yQ.png
    Firefox Nightly v56
  • But the last two menus don't work.
  • Edit: Installation problem is gone.

    Works like it used to, i just dont like the orange icon, which is just a minor issue.