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  • Why no clear option?
  • Doesn't work exactly like the old one at the moment. Might be a web-ext limitation, but the description should really be updated to reflect the new behavior.
  • Works and does what you'd think, however with the downside that the "Number of undo items displayed in the popup"-config breaks the addon (uninstall, restart, install fixes it) when I change the default of 7 to 35. It does work with 24 though, and now I only miss showing the url when hovering over an item.

    And for your information the addon takes you to its website unasked upon install and uninstall.
  • Not much to say, really. It does exactly what it claims to do: reopens closed tabs from a convenient menu. The only nitpick I can think of is that it would be nice to have the option for a grayscale icon. I have mine in the navigation area and it looks a little weird with only one color icon. But functionality-wise, works great!
  • Nice to see the WE-compatible version, and thank you for keeping it compatible, but could you please make it look and behave like the pre-WE version? Mostly 2 issues: the pre-WE version had 2 buttons: 1 for reopening the last closed tab and another was showing the list, the new version only shows the list. The second issue is the style of the list: no tabs' favicons and overall it is not that nice as the pre-WE version. The orange color of the button could also be made look as the pre-WE button.
  • Been using this little addon for many years and one main reason is the easy ability to clear tab history. That option is missing in this version. Another minor issue is the orange icon, I prefer the light blue, it's easy on the eyes and doesn't stand out on the toolbar. So for now I've gone back to 4.0.1. Hoping the author can return the options though I'm glad to see he is still maintaining it.
  • Definitely supplies a missing niche with TMP's demise; however, the CSS styling is incomplete (color property not set) so depending on your userContent.css, it may be unreadable/unusable. (Insult to injury: the author's bug-reporting site errors when submitting bugs)
  • Can you please update this add-on that i thas the same features as the non web extension version?
  • Hi there,
    In search of FF57 compatible addon I've picked on this one as the most promising.
    However I have some suggestions about styling.
    Currently the styling of the menu items is a bit off comparing to default one (library entries).
    Is it possible to update this to become a perfect match with a browser?
    Maybe this will help.
    Also an update to button would be neat
  • "Click the image one time to undo the last closed tab. Three times to open the last three closed tabs and so on"

    It doesn't work that way, when i click once i get the context menu.
    Also the font and icons are weird. Here is how it looks in the advertised picture and how it looks in mine: http://i.imgur.com/XzJT1yQ.png
    Firefox Nightly v56
  • But the last two menus don't work.
  • Edit: Installation problem is gone.

    Works like it used to, i just dont like the orange icon, which is just a minor issue.