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  • Been using this for years and love it.
  • Bom addon.
  • Blocks more adds than the other adblocks I used
  • Makes browsing a pleasure, especially on YouTube! |
  • Удалите, пожалуйста, фильтр ||r.mail.ru^ из списка EasyPrivacy. Этот фильтр блокирует содержимое, не относящееся к рекламе (например, меню сервисов Mail.Ru в разделах "Музыка", "Фото" и "Видео" соцсети "Мой мир"). Приходится отключать список EasyPrivacy для возможности перехода между сервисами Mail.Ru.
  • Słabo blokuje reklamy na polskich stronach. Brak dodatkowych filtrów
  • Use uBlock Origin
  • Do not use. It was sold to an Ad company. Adblock Plus is a scam. It allows advertisment of the companies that pays them. It also allows third parties to track you down.


    e.g. Adblock Plus uses a deceptive Dark Pattern to make you think that you have blocked third-party web tracking when you actually haven’t: Consumer privacy tool, not so much. If you use ABP, then also run a known good privacy tool such as Privacy Badger to block the tracking that ABP may let through.
  • 个人感觉很好用